Monday, November 9, 2015

Be Yourself Everyone is Taken

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I cannot tell you how many times I used to sit and wonder why things worked out for this person or compared myself to other people and what they were doing.  I would think to myself that this person did xy and z to “make it” so if I do xy and z then I will make it there too.

It was not until God spoke to me and let me know that there was an error in my thinking.  It is not that God does not have a purpose for me.  He has a purpose for all of us.  But not all of us can go around chasing the same purpose.  Because we are not the same person and we do not have the same set of gifts and abilities.

I can tell you so many bloggers that I admire (Heather Lindsey, Necole Bitchie, The Single Woman).  But no matter how much I love them and what they are doing with their life I am not them.  I do not have their life purpose, I have my life purpose.  If you read Heather Lindsey’s blog she talks about God told her to quit pursuing her Master’s degree.  God did not tell me that, not only did he tell me to get my Masters but also He told me to get my PhD.  Now is my path or her path for everyone, no of course not.

But the key is knowing God and knowing what God has planned for you.  And in case you are ever confused about what God wants you to do, remember that if God wants you to do something He will give you the grace to do it.  And if he does not want you to do something, He will close doors to prevent you from doing it.

There have been many nights where I was so tired and half sleep writing my paper.  But yet and still when I turned it in I would get A’s and B’s.  I am convinced that during those nights that God had to be guiding my hand because there has been so many times where I did not feel like doing anything.  But in the areas I lacked God picked up and this is how I knew that He wanted me to finish because He made it possible for me to finish.

Now there has been some other things where God has shut the door.  Before I got my Master’s degree I just knew I wanted to be a licensed marriage and family therapist.  That was MY plan, I was qualified, and I didn’t feel anything could stop ME.  Do you notice what the common theme is in these statements are? That these were MY plans but they were not God plans.  After I got my Master’s I went on to tried to get licensed.  I have the education, I have the experience, and it should be easy right?  WRONG? Every door that I tried to open to get a licensed closed dead in my face.
The result was me getting frustrated because my plan was to be licensed and doors slammed in my face and that was not a part of my plan.  But it was not a part of God’s plan and He let me know it.  I had to give up on that.  I had to pray and tell God if it was not meant for me to do it, then allow my mind to let it go.  And that is what happened.  When I allowed my mind to hear what God was telling me, He told me that I didn’t need to be licensed right now and that is not the plan that He had for me.  And once I let go of my plans a lot of frustration went out the window as well.

After my Master’s God told me to get a PhD.  And like I said you know that God wants you to do it when He gives you the grace to do it.  My PhD was not easy, by far.  But some way, somehow He led me, and now I am almost done.  And being almost done with my PhD makes me wonder what God has in store for me and I no longer think about that license.

I went a little off into left field but there is a point that I am trying to make and it is this.  Not everyone can be a single mother, get a masters, and then get a PhD.  For some reason God made it for me.  HE used the talents and whatever else I had that I did not know was there for me to accomplish these goals, because these things are within MY life purpose.  And I am sure that whatever your gifts are, are within your life’s purpose.

If you follow God, He knows what each and every one of our life purposes is and we will not be disappointed.  He knows us and He knows how to use our gifts.  If we keep chasing someone else life purpose then we will miss ours altogether.  You may can sang like no body’s business.  But you are not Beyoncé, because there is already a Beyoncé.  But you are you, and in time you may be better than Beyoncé or your gifts may be used in a better way than Beyoncé’s.  But trying to be like her, will keep you from being like you.

In closing embrace your own gifts and realize that God gave them to you for a reason.  There is no need to be jealous or insecure of what other people have or where they are because and you will spend the rest of your life chasing their dream.