Saturday, June 28, 2014

Train up a Child The Way That He Should Go.

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When I became a mother, one thing that was important to me was that my son had a strong spiritual foundation.  And not just a spiritual foundation but was raised as a Christian and had a relationship with God.

During that time the Bible verse that I kept hearing was “train up a child in the way he should go, Even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverb 22:6

When looking at how to bring up your child in a Godly way, the answer is within the context of this short verse.  I think a mistake that so many people make is discounting the younger years of children and not enforcing Christian values in them, because they feel the child is too young or they will not understand.  What I mean by this, is parents want to wait until their children are older are in their teens before they want to instill Christian values in them.

My son is 6 and I have come to learn that teaching a children the way of Christ starts at birth. During the first three years of a child’s life is when they start to learn the ways of the world.  So while some parents think they are too young, these are actually where children are the most receptive.  They are taking in everything around them, even when you do not think they are.

Children look at you for guidance.  The best way that you can teach your child or children about being Christian is modeling Christ like behavior.  If you say one thing but behave another, children are going to do what they see you do not what they hear you say. Modeling behavior for them from the very beginning will help your child see and understand Christian values.

Some of the things I do with my son include him going to a Christian school, when he is in church I make him sit there and listen (not play video games), I also allow him to go to children’s church.  It is through these things that children learn about God and appropriate Christ like behavior.

I cannot tell you, how many people have 12 year old children and up and when they are in church they allow them to be on their DS during church or feel they are too young to grasp Christian concepts.  This is a news flash.  If you are not going to teach your children how to sit and listen to church as children and adolescents, when they are adults they are not magically going to change their behavior and magically start going to church and paying attention when you haven’t taught them to be that way as a child?

Another important factor is not to come across as teaching your children Christianity is a forcing way.  Children can rebel against religion by parents who paint an unrealistic version of God.  Some parents do not give their children any freedom and keep such a tight leash on them, that when they find any source of freedom they rebel.

Being a Christian, is not about locking your children up as shut ins and slaves.  You have to teach them Christian values and allow them to apply it in real life situations.  This means loosing the leash and allowing them to make their own choices and mistakes.  It through their mistakes and interacting with others, that children learn how to apply Christlike behavior in every situation.

A minor example, is when my son plays with other children outside of his school.  They have said and did things that I would not allow my son to do.  My son will often tell me about it.  Instead of rushing, jumping to the rescue, or forbidding him from playing with every child that isn't Christian. I allow him to deal with it on his own.
When my child gets older I will not be able to protect him from a bad boss or a secular world.  If I try to protect him from the secular world now, then I am enabling him and he will go into the world shell shock and unable to cope.  This is one of the worse things you can do for your child, that is not to prepare them for the real world.  If you do not prepare them for the real world and they are not able to cope, this is one of the top reasons why Christian children as adults get lead astray.

In closing raising your child in a Godly child starts from birth.  They are never too young for you to read the Bible or talk to them about God.  Even if you think they do not understand, they will if you keep teaching them, talking to them,  and modeling Christ like behavior.  And most of all, do not become an over bearing parents that tries to keep them from growing up or having any freedom.

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