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Check Out The Book Trailer For Waiting For A Man After God's Own Heart

Book: Waiting on a Man After God’s Own Heart 

Overview of  Book:

Sophia Reed is a single mother and the author of this book.  Like many women Sophia found herself getting involved in one terrible relationship after the next in attempts to find a “good” man. From her son’s father being incarcerated to engaging in a relationship with a man, who ultimately caused her to loose her job and almost caused her to loose her brand new home. Sophia has seemingly been through and seen it all.

Even through her chaos, the author still sought to do everything right in the eyes of God.  This includes getting a master’s degree, pursuing a Ph.d, and raising her son the best way she knows how.  Through the difficulties of relationships, the unexpected curve balls in life, and angry conversations with God; Sophia still stayed focused.  She learned to let go of the bad men and learn that being single is not the worst thing in the world.

In the pages of this book, you will laugh, cry, and have hope.  You will read her downfalls, shortcomings, receive encouragement, and see a personal transformation made possible by God. The title Waiting for a Man After God’s Own Heart was inspired by a phrase used in the Bible to describe King David.  David was imperfect, a polygamist, and an adulterer who made mistakes along the way. David was also known as one of the greatest men in the Bible for his unshakable faith.  The point is that even though we are not perfect, if we keep our eyes focused on God, He can redeem us.

In this book, the author encourages you never to give up hope that the right man is out there for you.  She encourages you to wait for a man after God’s Own Heart, or for one who has already captured it.