Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Many are Called Few Are Chosen

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In the recent days and weeks, I have been somewhat neglectful.  I think that it is so easy to get caught up with that is going on around you.  Whether it is school, work, job, kids, health, etc. that one can lose focus quite easy.  I can say that this has been me.  But like always, God always knows how, when, and where to get my attention.  The way in which God’s always gets my attention is through my health, and it is done in such a way that He is letting me know that He will not be ignored.

About a week ago through a freak accident that consisted of a metal mop pole into the side of my knee resulting, was the first of God trying to get my attention.  I had never broken a bone a day in my life and the only other time I had stitches were through medical procedures (i.e wisdom teeth) but here the bone of my knee stood exposed and I could not shake the uncanny feeling that God was trying to tell me something.  To confirm my feeling, later that week I came down with some unknown medical issue that mocked cholera (me losing 7 pounds in two days).

As I went to the doctor’s she was literally telling me that at 29 a fairly healthy women, was at risk for acute heart failure due to having some severe deficits in vitamins and fluids, with little to no explanation as to why this happened.  I left the doctor’s office that day with a diagnosis of hypokalemia, dehydration, nausea, and a new outlook on what in the world was going on with me.
What was God trying to tell me in such a big way that I was knocking on death’s door, literally?  I think the first is a very generic lesson that can apply to us all.  And that is that our bodies our very frail.  I think often times we forget how many things we do day in and day out that can kill us or cause us harm.  When we think of God’s grace, love, and everything in between, He really does protect us as we walk blindly through life not really thinking of it one way or the next, getting so consumed in things and never really giving all of our praise to God or even thanking him for the unforeseen and seen dangers that we go through in our lives.  And worse that something as small as a metal mop handle can cut us to the white meat bone and something as minor as a deficiency and kill us. 

I think sometimes we just have to stop and smell the roses.  We have to look around and see the beauty around us.  I can never understand how people can look at this world, the beauty, the wonder, the sky, stars, moon, everything, and not understand or acknowledge that there is a larger presence outside of ourselves.  I find it very strange that people can feel as if everything in this world and universe just “so happens” to fall together on its own without a bigger force controlling it.  I think sometimes we forget that, and maybe God just needs to give us a little reminder sometimes that there is nothing that can even exist without God knowing about it.

Going off the strength of that, I think the bigger picture for me was a wakeup call.  I was getting so pre-occupied with things that I “have” to do to, and not getting into the things that I “need” to do, that I was missing something.  The things that I “have” to do are things that I must do for this world.  This includes going to work, paying bills, etc.  Things that I “need” to do are those in which God called me to do.  The word teaches us that many are called but few are chosen.  What the means to me is that God is crying out to us every day, calling us, drawing us near.  He wants us, all of us, and often times no matter how loud He is calling our name.......He just simply goes unheard, as we miss a calling completely. 

God is everything, He created everything.   There really is nothing beyond that when you think about it.  Whatever our wants, desires, and needs outside or God, are just that….”desires” it is not our calling.  As I was going day in and day out, going through my life, movement, and everything else, I got side tracked.  God needed to have me incapacitated, with no outside distractions, before He could tell me what He wanted to say.  He needed to knock all the skin off my knee, to the “bone” in order for me to stop to hear His voice.  I needed to have 2 IV’s, 2 EKGS, 2 blood works, and 2 urine samples (all in which has results telling me that I was down for the count) in order to be reminded who is in charge.

I needed to be reminded who controlled my life, my calling, weather I breathed air on this Earth or not.  God needed me to know that it’s all for Him.  Everything, the reason I live, breath, exists, my talents…everything is all for Him and His purpose.  It is so easy to be and get complacent and just watch the days, nights, weeks, months, years, go by and life has past you by.  Before you know it God had been calling you the whole time, but yet you did not hear so you were not chosen. 

Is it fearful to blindly follow God without knowing where He is leading you?…yes!!!  God tells some people their calling out right, for me, He doesn’t.  He only tells me what I need to do for the time being until I reach the next stage of my life.  Then, when I start to stray from what He is telling me to do, He knows quickly how to whip me back into shape, even at the expense of my health.  And, the thing is… I do not think I mind.  My body is God’s.  Everything within me and everything that I have is His.  There is nothing great that I can do on my own accord and without His blessing. 

Reflect on yourself, reflect what is going on in your life, and reflect on what God is trying to tell you.  If you cannot hear what He is trying to tell you, then get into a quiet place until He you do, pray until He answers, fast until you hear Him, do whatever it is you need to do until God speak to you. Even if you do not hear Him speak, look around you, look at what is going on around you, and look at what He is doing.  God is always speaking to us; He is always calling us, choosing us.  So why don’t you go freely, do not be like me and wait until half of your bodily fluids are falling out before you pay attention.  Be called and be chosen.