Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Use of the N-Word by Those Who are not Black. Its never Okay!

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This topic is something that is going to be controversial and is something that is near and dear to me.  This topic really stemmed from a recent event in which a celebrity Madonna used to the word “nigga” to describe her white son.  Upon further research I found that in 2011 Barbera Walters used the words “nigger” to report on a certain subject matter in which the word was being used.  I do not feel either of these women are racist, but, in both cases they did not understand the outrage by blacks with the use of this words, since they did not use it as a racist term.

Surfing the internet, I was shock to find that the word “nigga” was openly being used by white people as a term of endearment.  What was even more shocking, is that they saw nothing wrong with this and could not understand the outrage of blacks.  Culturally, I think that for the most part, the majority of blacks would say that it is never okay for someone that is not black to use this word.  I am in the majority and agree with this.  I do not care how you use it, how you mean it, it is just not okay.

I do not know if I could ever try to explain this to those that are not black, but I will seek to try.  The term “nigga” stemmed from the word “nigger.”  As we know the word “nigger” was used in slaves times and beyond to be used toward blacks as a derogatory term.  Throughout time the term “nigger” has be transformed to “negro” to described black people (this word often not seen as derogatory) and then transformed by blacks into the term “nigga” to be used as a term of endearment.  So you may asked, if “nigga” is a term of endearment, why can’t it be used by others races without black people getting offended?

As I explained above, for blacks our history of this words is so rich.  We have been called “niggers” as a way to downgrade us, and the black race is the one that has decided to transform the word.   It upsets black people so much when others use it because we feel that they have not earned the right.  They do not know what it is like to be a “nigger” and therefore cannot understand the way in which we use it now as “nigga.”  Because no matter what, even to this day if a white person was to call me “nigger” it would offend me highly.  As a matter of fact when I was 8 years old a white boy spit in my face and called me a “nigger” in which I commenced to whopping his tail.  But my point is if another white person was to call another white person “nigger” it would hold no weight with them.  They would shrugged it off, because they are not black.  The reason being is because they have not gone through the “nigger” history and so for them they can never get a full understanding of the new transformed word “nigga.”  So for blacks, it is apart of our history in what we have gone through.  From being called “nigger,” to “negro,” and now “nigga.”  Since whites and other races have not shared the full history of the word, blacks now feel that cannot share in the transformation of the word.  And many see it as disrespect to those who try.  Myself included.  I hope this explains the use of the word to other races that may not understand where use blacks are coming from.  And how the use of the word outside of our race, even when used as a term of endearment, is not okay.

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