Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Media Connection and Anti-Christian Attitudes.

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Perhaps it is just me, but there is a changing in media that is giving Christianity a new look or rather a bad look.  Some of the re-occurring themes in the media are Christians being hypocrite, or not being who they say they are, or having attitudes that are anything but Christ like.  Let me give a few examples so that I can illustrate my point in further.

I personally enjoy watching the show “Hit the Floor.”  This season, a new basketball player was introduced.  In the first episode he was painted as a devote Christian, only to see in a few episodes later it was all fake.  First, he has sex in a church at a funeral.  His latest acts included him having a threesome with two women, while he had a girlfriend. In the show, away from the privacy of his bedroom, he puts on the “Christian face,” and everyone else sees him as a Godly person.  

Let’s go further.  I am also a fan of “True Blood.”  But if you follow the show, you will know that there was a Christian group that was so hateful against vampires that they wanted to kill them.  In one season a pastor and his wife were introduced. Even through they were both married; their Christian ways were just a fa├žade.  They sought to have adultery with other people, or one person.  The pastor wanted to have sex with another man and his wife with the same man.

In a later season, the vampires asserted that there was a vampire Bible that came before the Christian Bible, in which they advised that Lilith was the first women on Earth and the first real vampire.  Also featured, was the child (now an adult) who danced for Herod and was responsible for the beheading John the Baptist, and she was now also a vampire. (CRAZY RIGHT).  

So what does this have to do with me as a Christian? You may be asking.  Well I think it has to do a lot with Christianity.  Turn on your television and watch to see how many anti-Christianity sentiments you find. I think you will be surprised.

There promotion of promiscuity, having open relationships with both male and female, anti monogamy, and the Christians who often painted as psycho’s. If you look on any social media today, what type of things are being valued?

The women with the most follows are half naked women who promote showing off their body in hope to get their claim to fame through Instagram.  The days in which we have solid values and morals seem to be fading away.

As Christians, it is our duty to remain watchful of such things.  In reality, it is going to happen anyway, but we must remain watchful so that we do not get caught up in the hype.  As some point and time we are going to have to go against popular belief and stand on the Christian values.  At the end of the day this is going to be hard.

I cannot tell you how many people have not liked me for not bending on something that I believe in. Or tried to force me to feel what they feel or see things how they see them, when God is telling me different. I have lost much over standing my Christian values. 

If you truly believe the Bible and the end of times, is this not want all Christians are called to go through? To be ostracized, tortured, and killed for their beliefs.  This is why we Christians must remain watchful and be able to see what is coming and not falter in our beliefs.

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