Sunday, June 22, 2014

Having A Relationship Has Become A Lost Art.

When I sit and think about the aspect of "relationships" between women and men I think that meaningful relationships have been replaced with casual hookups and men and women remain in a friendship zone so that each person is free to do whatever they want with who ever they want.
Dating life consist of going to someone's home, having sex, and leaving. Gone are the days where guys actually take girls on dates to get to know them with the one day hope of becoming a committed couple. So many women cry out wondering why on Earth they are single or why men do not want to move to the next level with them, when in fact it is there own fault. A common misconception women have is that men want a bobble head that nods there head in agreement every time they say something. Women fall into this idea that as long as they are beautiful, are open for sex 24 hours a day, and are willing to bend over backward to prove themselves worthy that this is all it takes to be in a relationship.
Sadly, men now feel that a beautiful women is all they really need. So much so that many men want to take half naked pictures of their so called girlfriend and plaster it all over social media for the world to see. Or worse they patrol social media seeking the most barely dressed woman in effort to go after her for sex. Women just a little fyi. Men do not want some make shift Barbie that looks nice but really does not have anything of value to say. Your relationship cannot consist of your man looking at how pretty you are and the having sex with you. At some point this is going to get old and you are going to have to actually have a conversation and stuff in common. Men want, or they should want, a woman that inspires them to be better and reach higher. Sad to say so many relationships fail because men do not understand that beauty fades or they become use to it after a while and there has to be a brain and personality behind their pretty little face and body. They do not understand that a really good woman can be a driving force behind a highly successful man and that a nagging unmotivated woman can be the driving force behind a unmotivated man.

Gone are the days where people value relationships and being a hoe whether male or female has become the "in" thing to do. People do not see that the way we interact with each other romantically affects the wellbeing of our families and future generations. Do you really want to live in a world were peoples claim to fame is posing half naked on the internet and having a few thousand followers? Where the future mother/wife of your kids biggest success is that they came out with a sex tape? Or one where a man taking you out on a date is a lost art and they want to skip straight to sex? I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we are already there. You cannot change the world but you can change yourself. Change the type of people you allow in your life and the behavior you accept. Change the way you put yourself out there to the world. So that you can attract a good partner and save yourself a lot of drama, heartache, and pain from unhealthy relationships.

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