Saturday, June 21, 2014

Why God Doesn't Answer Prayers

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In this day and age out this simple question is in the minds of many of us who believe in God. We follow God, we have enough faith, we pray, we do everything that we know how to do in our prayer life but God has still not answered our prayers. Or worse, God's answer is no. There are so many answers to the question "why God does not answer our prayers?" The most popular of these answers that we get to unanswered prayers are (God's answer is "wait" or "I have something better in mind)." But there are just time when these answers just do not apply. God is not telling you to wait nor does He have something else in mind. At least not in our eyes.

We may have prayed for a child to be healed but our prayers go unanswered. We may have prayed for a job but it doesn't come through and we are forced from our homes with no place to go. We may even pray for food to be put on the table but day in and day out our prayers go unanswered and our children go hungry. The thought that comes to our mind is "why is God wanting me to wait?" How can God have something better in mind, when each day, month, years, or even a lifetime that goes by, you still suffer.

You wonder how can this much suffering be apart of God's plan. You wonder if He is your father then why is He allowing life to continously cause you pain, and why are your prayers not being answered.
The answer to this question is hard. The only plausible explanation is that God ways are not our ways. Only He knows why he puts more suffering on one person and not the next or why when one person prays their prayers are answered within an instant while others have to wait a lifetime. If you look at Abraham in the Bible, God waited until He was beyond old to fulfill His promise of giving him a child.

And even then God only gave him one natural child after promising Abraham that his decedents would be as many as the stars. I am sure that Abraham was expecting that to happen in his lifetime not thousands of years down the line. John the Baptist was a promised child to an older barren couple. A promised child of God that spent several years in jail and was beheaded in his 30s. If his parents were alive could you imagine how angry they must have been at the time. A child they prayed so hard for, one touched by God, meeting such a tragic death.

The only conclusion that I can come up with as to why God does not answer some of our prayers is that He doesn't want to. He is God. Its not that He does not love us or wants to see us suffer, but for some reason answering some prayers are not in His will and if we try to figure it out it can cause us much frustration and resentment toward God. You should know that even the most prominent men in the Bible had their prayers unanswered. David's infant son still died after he prayed and fasted. Jesus prayed until He cried blood not to be crucified and suffer, but His prayer went unanswered. I have come to learn that our time here on Earth is such a small time in comparison to the eternity we are to spend in heaven.

So when we have unanswered prayers or are suffering in our circumstances, we must remember that it is never permanent and if we fly right we still have a perfect existence to live in heaven , for all time. So to God whatever it is we are going through it is only a fraction of a time in our lives. The only thing He wants us to do is to trust Him and look to Him for peace, so that weather our lives seems good, bad, up, or down we still trust that God can lift us out of our circumstances and show us His will in even the most terrible of situations and unanswered prayers.

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