Friday, June 27, 2014

Are You Being a Christian or Are you being Religious?

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Since the beginning of time, there seems to be a disconnect between being religious and being a Christian.  So many people are so religious, that they miss the point of being a Christian.If this concept confuses you, then let me explain.  Have you ever met a Christian who put so much emphasis on their church, what their church is doing, and how their church is better than everyone else’s? This is an example of religion.Have you ever met a pastor whose whole sermon, every Sunday, is focused on speaking against other pastors and how they feel what other churches are teaching is wrong? This is an example of a religion.

Have you ever seen a church, which was planted in the middle of a community that was in need, but they were so busy building onto to their church, they never reached out to those in need? This is an example of religion.When you look at the above examples, they all have something in common.

They omit the basic principal in which Christianity was founded off of, doing God’s work by mimicking the behavior of Christ.

There are people who are so wrapped up in their own church they take on the role of worshiping the church over God.  Some religious people are more concerned with what position they hold in the church or going to the right church, they forget to go to a church in which they are being spiritually fed.Pastors around the world base sermon after sermon speaking against other pastors, when we are all supposed to be one in the body with Christ, not fighting against each other.Matthew 12:25 states “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined.” So what sense does it make for Christians to speak against other Christians? Is this not counter productive?

Many churches have taken on the role of wanting to be the biggest church on the block, but forget the fundamental principal that the churches should be active in the community. After all, is this not what all of us Christian’s were called to do? Is this not what Jesus did? When you look at the life of Jesus, he wanted the Pharisees to understand that it was the relationships with God that was the most important.

Jesus warned against following the laws, religion, and rituals so closely, because you will miss the whole point of having a relationships with God. Jesus did everything He saw His father do. He was what we all should strive to be.  But because of “religion” this point was missed completely.  He was crucified by the very ones He came to save.Therefore, I asked you. Examine yourself.  Are you being a Christian, a called servant of God, trying to do only what you see your father do?  Or are you being religious, doing what you think other people want to see you do as a Christian?

The Bible states:“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven.”  Matthew 7:21

This means many “religious Christians” are going to be disappointed when they get to heaven, because they never did grasp the will of the Father. This is why, we must all remain focused and never get to consumed in our religion that we forget this was the same ideology that Jesus fought against.

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