Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 5 Quotes My Book Waiting For A Man After God’s Own Heart Ch. 12-14

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1. Do you think it is easy for me, being a single mother, going to school full time (graduate school at that), or working on other things that God wants me to do (including this book)?  Do you think it was easy always listening to God even when I did not want to, humbling myself to those who hate me, curse me, and want to see me fail? Or being the type of person that God wants me to be; dying to my own wants to follow God’s wants for me? Do you think I am telling you these things, because life is easy for me? It is not easy, it is hard, but I do it because I know this is what God wants me to do.  I do it so I can share my story and motivate others.  I do it because I know that this is what I need to do so God can give me what He has in store for me.

2. If you have seen the show Who the Bleep Did I Marry?  It is your job to verify things people tell you.  It doesn’t take much effort to do this.  If a person says they are a doctor when you talk to them, ask them little things about their job.  Check out whether they know what they are talking about.  Get them to be specific.  Do not come across like prying or like you are interrogating. Come across as you are asking them about their life. Which is what you should be doing anyway.  If someone says they are a teacher and they do not know how to spell or type properly when they are messaging you, be suspicious.

3. I am not trying to sit here and pretend like everything is all good and easy because it is not.  Am I tired of waiting?  YES!!!! Do wonder why everyone else is being blessed with a husband and I am not? YES!!! But at the end of the day, I could sit on my behind all day and wait or I can do what God has told me to do and wait. Either way, I am going to wait. I mine as well be productive while I do it. You never know, perhaps God is just waiting for you to sow so many seeds before He brings you the right one.  So this is why you have to plant those seeds, get a plow (a big and heavy one that is hard to push) and begin sowing.

4. I can recall I made this mistake in talking to someone I knew did not meet the things that I wanted in man.  He even requested me on Facebook.  I was shocked to see every time he posted something it consisted of atheist and anti-God comments.  Upon viewing his page, he had just broken up with his girlfriend two days ago before joining the dating site.  Needless to say he needed to get off of my profile and friend list.

5.  Maybe you can call me crazy, but I prefer to be crazy then to waste my time on someone that blatantly lied about something that was so simple and not worth lying about. I guess once I said I had an interview at the school; he changed his story and told me that he was a program manager.  He told me that a program manager was the same thing as a principal trying to cover his tracks.  This once again was not true. I don’t like liars so I did not want to bother. I felt that Oliver lied to boost himself up in my eyes.  More than likely to draw me in, thinking I would think that he had money, fall for him, and sleep with him.  If he intended on having a long term relationship then why would he have lied about his job? If I was going to be his girlfriend, then I would have eventually found out anyway.  The only conclusion to draw is that when a man lies about something as simple as this, then he did not plan on having me around very long to find out what he really did.