Thursday, May 21, 2015

Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth

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Over the past two days, there has been a Bible verse that has been ringing in my head.
And it is:

“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.”  Mathew 5:5

Now to understand this verse and what God meant by this verse, we must dissect the verse.  Let start with what meek is.
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  • Having or showing a quiet and gentle nature : not wanting to fight or argue with other people.  
  • Enduring injury with patience and without resentment. 
  • Deficient in spirit and courage. 
  • Submissive

We all hear about being meek, but are we meek, and how does one become meek?  Like always of course we turn to the Bible to get such answers.

Let’s start with Moses.  After he killed someone and left Egypt, he spent 40 years in a desert.  We do not know much about what went on in that desolate place, but what we do know is that after 40 whole, long, years he emerged and he was meek.  Ready to go about his life mission and lead the Jews out of Egypt.

Now, lets take a second person.  Joseph.  He had big dreams for himself, told them to his family.  They betrayed him which lead him into a life in which he was lied on and put in prison.  After he was done with this hardship he went on to save his brothers from famine.  Not keeping any grudges against them.

So what does this tell us about being meek?  Well, the first is that sometimes if not all the time, being meek comes with hardship.  How else can you learn to be both humble and submissive without first being in a position of being below others?  It is in this place of being persecuted against, being the last that your eyes will be opened of the wrong things of the world.  And instead of wanting to hold grudges against those who hurt you, you learn to forgive them.  Because you know not learning to forgive, will only repeat the cycle of hurt.  And it is in these low places that you truly see things though God’s eyes, and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I am sure Moses was humble because he became an outlaw instead of a prince of Egypt.  Now understanding the full way of the Jews, the people he saved.  He understood that living in a desert and scrambling for the things that he needed was not way to live.  And that no one deserves to be a slave.  So this softened his heart and gave him a bigger understanding of what he needed to do.

And Joesph, in prison he was treated unfairly, promises to get him out where broken.  He chose not to become bitter, but told himself that if he ever found himself in a high position that he would not repay evil for evil.  Because he himself, had experienced evil and he did not want anyone else to experience that.

The point I am getting at, is to become meek equal hard times.  It means that we will become appreciative of the small things, and want to encourage peace so that no one else has to experience what we experience.  It means that we must forgive those who hate us and persecute us and feel empathy for them, over revenge.  It means that in all we do and through all of our interaction we must show people the way of peace and not a place of anger, revenge, or jealously.  And these are not lessons that we learn simply by reading about it in a book, but rather going through it ourselves.  What better way to understand the other side of the fence, unless we climb on the other side of the fence and live there ourselves for a while.  This way we will have better understanding of what goes on, on the other side of the fence.

This is why, there are so many politicians, rich people, who are oblivious to the rest of the world and what they go through.  They cannot even phantom the extent of others people’s pain, because they have not lived it.  And so they go own in their own selfish little worlds, living their selfish little lives; not even thinking or caring about anyone else.  And why should they, other people’s pain does not matter to them?  In fact to them this type of pain or hardships does not exists, and if it does; it is not them and so it is not their problem.

Image result for starving childrenI heard on the Christian news the other day about Christians on the other side of the world getting their head’s chopped off because they would not renounce their faith.  Young women and teens even.  To many people in the world this is not conceivable to us, because we do not see it and we have not experienced it.  Even though I have never been threaten to get my head chopped up, I have been persecuted because of my faith.  Because of my love and understanding of God.  And even though I experienced on a smaller level than death, I felt extreme empathy for them; because they were being punished for what they believed.

The point I am getting at, is when we feel the pain of other people, it makes us want to help them.  I only feel this pain because of things that I have been through.  So while I despise these things in the beginning.  Now I understand them, because it is God’s continuing effort to make me meek.  Meek so that I can feel the pain and hurt of others and do whatever it is I can do to change it.

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In closing, the meek inherit the kingdom of God, we know this, because this is what the Bible says.  BUT do we know or understand what it takes to be meek and are we willing to live for peace and be submissive, even if the people who are hurting us does not deserve it?  This is not only the meaning of being meek.  But it is also elevating your spirituality and relationship with God.  Because after all, when Jesus came, did he not remain peaceful in all things.  Even though he could have fought back and won, he chose not to do so; because for him it was not about fighting back.  It was about showing the face and the love of God on Earth.  And although during that time, and now; people misunderstand this.  Being meek is what we call true strength.