Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Insecure Woman, Are You Her?

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It is sad to say but insecurity is something that plagues women.  Have you ever noticed  women can be much harder on themselves than men?  Women worry if they are skinny enough, pretty enough, and tall enough, it leads them into trying to be an unrealistic version of themselves.

The reason why I am speaking on this topic is because I used to be this way.  It took me a long time to get use to being comfortable in the skin that I was in (see blog here and here).  I used to struggle with my weight, exercise excessively, and practically starve myself, so that I achieved the ideal figure on some super model magazine.

It took me a long time to understand that what is portrayed in media is not reality.  Half the women who are in those magazine do not even look like that (do not underestimate the power of photo shop).  The average women is not a size two nor is the average woman six feet tall.  Even for those women whose body fits this mold, if you talk to them, I can almost guarantee even they have problems with their appearance.

It took me a long time to stop and appreciate me, for being me.  Once I decided to do this, I learned that accepting myself for me allowed me to be pretty to others.  Does that make sense?

When a women suffers from low self esteem, you can almost bet they are attracting a certain type of man.  Woman with low self esteem typically attract men who are controlling and who want to feed off of her insecurities; making her self esteem problems even worse.

This is why having self confidence is so important.  Having confidence in yourself will help you attract a better man.  Not just attract a better man, but you will be able to have your choice of men to choose from.

Good men do not want needy self conscious women who are going to keep tabs on them all day and they have tell them they are beautiful all the time.  Who has time for that?

Once you have self confidence you will not feel you need a man to complete you or make you whole (see my blog here). Starting relationships with this mentality in mind will make you have serious problems in the long run.  FYI for women, it is not normal to call your man 20 times a day just to ask him if he is cheating, it is not normal to be a social media stalker email all of his friends on his friends list to ask if they have slept together, and it is not normal to NEED constant reassurance from your partner everyday.

If this is going on in your relationships this signifies a problem.  One thing I want women to take away from this is to know that they are never going to be perfect, because as humans we are not perfect.  But to constantly pick away your looks or personality will only cause you to have some psychological disorder.

Be satisfied with yourself, you were made you for a reason.  There is no one else on Earth like you, and this should make you happy.  I feel having self confidence can really be a major key into getting most of the things you want out of life.  This is because when you have it, people will want to be around you, people will want to get to know you, people will want to be in relationships with you, and most of all you will not feel like you need someone else to make you happy.  You will understand that you are sufficient in yourself.