Friday, June 21, 2013


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The first lesson that I want you to take from this is that if you believe that God is going to bring you the one.  Then believe that.  It is not going to be super hard for you to be with the one God has with you.  Will it be work? Yes.  But you will not have to chase that person, change that person, convert that person, give that person money, allow that person to cheat on you, live off you, make them like your kids,  or convince them to marry you.  It is just not going to be that hard.  So if it is that hard, then you may want to move on.  The relationship that you are in is not it.  Trust God to bring you the desires of your heart.  The man that you really want, not a man that you are trying to transform into the man that you want.

The second lesson is that often times it is ourselves that put us through pain of life, by trying to hold on to what God is trying to pull away.  Not only that, but letting it distract us from our purpose in life. And because we are so focused on the wrong things throughout our lives, we fall short of our great destiny and settle for an average life.  So I say this to you, life is life.  It is always going to be hard, and we all have our burdens to bear.  But if we get caught up in our burdens, downfalls, and wrong people, then our perfect destiny will always be a dream.  You will stumble on the wrong things and then when you get up you will be so lost that you take the wrong path all together. 

Instead, stumble get back up and keep it moving.  Do not continue to stumble in the same place for years.  Just like the story in the Bible.  When Moses led the Hebrews out of Egypt, the trip to the promise land was only supposed to take two weeks.  But because of their constant unbelief, complaining, and not seeing what God wanted them to see, it took 40 years.  In that 40 years the original generation had passed away, including Moses, and not even he was able to enter the promise land.  They were freed from Egypt and were no longer slaved, but they still had that mentality.  That generation never grew into the generation of God, intended it to be, stumbling so many times they did not quite make it to the promise land.   Don’t take 40 years to get to the promise land, take the intended time.  Live, learn, and get through the bad stuff as soon and gracefully as possible.  Learn what you need to learn, leave what you need to leave, and look forward to getting your reward faster.