Wednesday, December 4, 2013

He who find's a wife, finds a good thing. Not the other way around. Stop Chasing Men!

The verse that is ringing in my head today is “he who finds a wife, finds a good thing.’’  When you really think about it, it is a powerful statement.  I do not know what is going on with women these days.  It would seem as if the desperation is dripping off of them liked beads of sweat on a hot summer day.  You may laugh at this analogy, but some women are so hard up for a man or marriage, that they are willing to compromise their own pride and self-dignity to get it.  Women, in case you did not know, you are supposed to be the prize.  A man that is ready to get married will be looking for a wife, and if you are the woman that he is looking for then he is going to find you.  You should not have to chase him down, convince him of your worth, cook and clean his house, in order for him to realize that.  He should be in active pursuit of you. 

It would seem that men would have us thinking the other way around.  I was watching this reality show Real Preachers of LA.  On it was a woman in hot pursuit of a preacher.  She had been chasing him for about 16 years!  Cooking for him, cleaning for him, “playing” his wife, when he did not give her that title, nor did he intend to.  When she finally did have the marriage conversation with him, she was somehow shocked to hear that he did not see himself getting married.  You have to look at people’s actions, and if in 16 years he was not willing to claim you as his own, then you should have been gone 15 years ago!  Cease cleaning his house, stop making him food, and go about your business.  It would seem that women are afraid to walk ways from situations that are obviously jacked up.  Women, you do not need a man, you need a GOOD man.  I do not care how great the sex is, get a hobby to occupy your time and keep it moving.  Why would you want to sit and play someone’s “wife” when he is not willing to make you the real thing?  All he is doing is buying time until the “real” one comes along.  A man will let you cook for him, clean for him, tell you that he cares.  But actions speak louder than words! He should be willing to wife you because he sees the value in you, and the thought of losing you devastating to him.  No convincing on your part is needed.

If you are single, and have no options for a man right now.  That does not mean you have to lose all of your senses and go chasing after everyman you see. You come off as desperate, and it is a turn off.  If when you first met a man and within the first week he told you that he ready to get married, impregnate  you with his 5 kids, meet your family, and pulled out a wedding ring.  You would more than likely bolt to the nearest police station to get a restraining order.  So why do women feel within the first 10 minutes of meeting man you have to be coupled up.  Allow yourself to get to know the person, and figure out whether you really like them.  I get that you want to get married, but you should determine that.  You should be the one who determines if you like HIM, if he fits into your life and your goals, if you see yourself spending the rest of your life with him.  Women, sometimes you have to get off of the idea of being a wife, to see if the he would make a good husband.  Stop being so thirsty!  When you do this, you find out that the man your chasing, really isn’t a good fit for you at all.  It could also be the strength and independence that draws the man to you.  Not the “ready to get married” sign around your neck.  I have come to find that men want to get married just as much as we do.  But they do not want to be forced into it.  And that is exactly what chasing does.  So stop chasing a man.  Be yourself and let your future husband find you.  It’s the best way, and chasing a woman is in a man’s DNA.  So let them do it.

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