Monday, March 3, 2014

So Your An Internet Model, So is Every Girl On the Internet. Stop Disrespecting Yourself!

  As a mother and a woman, I have found a reoccurring theme among women that is sadly disappointing me.  With the prevalence of social media, it would seem that some women have lost all of their senses, self dignity, and commence to becoming “models” on the internet.  When I refer to models, many normal pictures I do not have a problem with, provided that you have clothes on and appear respectable.  What I am referring to is women appearing spread eagle on Instagram so that you can see so far up their vag, that their cervix is showing.  Now this may offend some people, but I think it needs to be said.  I am all for loving your body as art as the next, but somethings as a woman, mother, and wife just need to end.
  I was on a Facebook profile recently only to see this mother having naked pictured publicly displayed for all the world to see.  What made it worse was that she was proud to have her breast, butt, and vagina out showing.  I pondered what goes through the mind of women like this.  Do they honestly think their kids are proud of them or that their children would be proud to show their mother off with half her body showing?  What example do they think this sends to their daughter or son?
  It really saddens me how some of these women think today.   They feel they have nothing going on aside from their body they can succeed at, and the only way they can have attention is by appearing naked on the internet and not even getting paid for doing this.  Guess what women, if you do not get paid to “model” then you are not one.  I am not against models as long as it is done tastefully.  What I am against is women exploiting themselves and feeling like they have achieved some level of success, by being naked online and having a few thousand followers.
  As I look at social media today I see pictures of drinks, partying, and women passed out in public with their legs open.  Since when did this become popular culture.  I am not against partying or drinking, but to do it almost every night and post an excess of pictures about it is disrespectful to the woman; and the sad thing is they do not even know it.

  I cannot express into words how much of a disrespect and disservice women do to themselves.  Although this may seem “cute” now, in a few years when you are looking for a husband, will he think your half naked drunk pictures are “cute” and someone he wants to wife up?  When you have children or when your children gets older and their friends look at their mother’s social media pages will your naked body plastered all over the internet be cute then?
  Us women complain about men so much, stating that they are only after one thing.  But did the woman stop to think, the only thing that is being offered is one thing.  Men have become socially inept.  They no longer want to take women out on dates or even have conversations outside of sex. Because sex is what they are use to and they think this is all the woman has to offer.  By the time they see a women in person, they have seen what her entire body already looks like just by browsing her Facebook page.  Therefore, why even try to to impress her, she is offering her vagina up on silver platter for the taking, no need to work for anything.
  Until us women start seeing ourselves as better then men are not going to see us as better.  And it needs to be done as a whole.  Because as it stands, men see it as what this woman won’t do, the next one will.  So even those women who try to have standards get bypassed because the man sees it as too much work and can just move on to the half naked model on the side.
  There is nothing wrong with being beautiful or having self confidence in yourself.  It is wrong when you feel like posing naked is all you have and that your naked body plastered on social media is your claim to fame.  Proverbs 31:3- states that charm can be deceiving and beauty fades away.  Meaning that just because you are beautiful now or have a nice body now, does not mean it is going to be that way in 20 years.  And when that times comes, because it will come, you are going to need to have something going on in your brain that says “I am worth something.”
  For those who are like this thinking that you already have a man and that he does not mind you showing all your goods to the world.  Let me tell you a secret.  That is not a real man.  No real man is going to want to share his woman’s body to the world.  The only thing he sees your as is what you present yourself to be, and that is an object or a toy that he wants to show off.  No real man would want his girlfriend, wife, or mother of his children to show her charms for every Tom, Dick, and Harry to see.  Women need to start  to know their worth and have a bigger purpose in life and more aspirations, asides from posing naked on the internet.
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