Friday, August 1, 2014

Who Cares What They Think?

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Something I have come to learn is you just have to stop listening to people.  How many times have someone told you what you needed to do to be successful in life, a relationships, or a marriage but their life is anything but harmonious.

I will tell anyone that what I am doing today I would have never thought I would be doing.  It just so happen that God knows me better than I know myself.  He knew my skills and what I would be good at long before I even knew them.

For myself, I always want to follow the direction that God has for me.  I never want to step out into something without knowing that God has my back.  This does not mean  going in the direction God has told you to go in will be free of hardships, it just means that when you go through the hardships and struggles if God wants you to be on that path, then He will find a way to see you through.

For anyone who does not know I have a self published book.  I cannot tell you how many people had ideas about what I should write about, how I should market it, what I should not put in it, or weather I should write it at all.

My book tells many personal things about myself that would be considered embarrassing to some.  But it came a point and time that I had to listen to what God was telling me to do or what the world was telling me to do.

The people that was given me feedback did not have a book and if they did it was not successful, I had to stop and think, why in the world would I listen to you.

I have had many failed relationships for one reason or the next.  I have also had people try to tell me how I should hang on to a man, allow him to treat me any type of way, or give me other stupid advice that would only leave me in heartache.

Once again when I looked at their lives, they had no man, or the relationships they were in sucked!

This is when I decided that no one else could be the master of my life but me, and the only person that I chose to listen to was going to listen to was God.

With this being said, no I am not married, nor am I in a relationship.  But God has given me peace about it and I no longer feel that these things define me.  I can now see the women in my life were so thirsty to be a Mrs. or not be alone that they are willing to do anything and everything just to hang on.

Guess what?  I used to be that woman.  It took shutting out the world and their ways to see that what other people have I really do not want.

And now I am happy being the way I am and not being the person that someone else wants me to be.

Can anyone relate to what I am saying?  How many times have you looked toward your friends or family members to define who you are?  How many time have you had to bend on the type of person you were to live up to their expectations of you?

And every time you have done this, has it left you feeling happy?

With my observations of the world, the world has come to be a very jacked up place?
What is becoming acceptable behavior to other people is not acceptable to God.

The world accepts promiscuity, idolizing money, anger, fighting, stepping on others to get ahead,  and living for self.  The list can go on and one.  And the refusal to step into these things you are deemed as being weak.

Is it weak to do what everyone else is doing and conform?

Or is it more weak to do what God is telling you to do?

Does it take more strength to step on those you do not like?

Or does it take more strength to be nice and forgive those who hate you and want to see you fail?

I bet Jesus was seen as weak.  He sat back and allowed himself to be mocked, beaten, and imprisoned.  Many people did not understand and probably thought he was crazy.

They would wonder, if God was really on his side, then why is he going through so many hardships?  Why is he being punished and scorned and why isn’t he doing anything about it?

Well I think it really comes down to this.  Jesus wanted to show us perfection, and perfection means love.  He wanted us to see that that as Christians we needed to show the world love even when we can choose to show them hate.

Like Jesus, he could have asked his father for anything, even his enemies’ head on a silver platter, but he chose to not.  This would have been easy and what most people would have done.  I am sure even those around him advised him to fight.

But he chose not to listen to other people. He chose to listen to his father and because of it we all have the privilege of being redeemed and the ability to go to heaven.

Although we can never pay God back for this, we can at least try to act right.  This means stepping out of the world not listening to what people want you to do and doing what God wants you to do.

When you wake up you should always think, “How can I please God today?’ Not “ How can I please this person, or make this person love  me, or how would everyone else respond to what I am facing?”

It does not matter how they would respond.  God wants us all to set ourselves apart.  The only way to do that is stop listening to other people who cannot even control and maintain themselves, and become focused on God.  If you keep your eyes on Him, then it really is not going to matter what everyone thinks of you.