Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Book Review Wealth Of My Mother's Wisdom

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I actually came across this book by accident.  It was recommended through Amazon as books I might like.  I almost skipped over it because of the title and I was not sure what it was about.  I read some reviews that were good and decided to read it.

I am actually glad I did.  First it was refreshing to read a book by a black male that is not about a whole bunch of crazy. At the time that I read this book, I think it was God sent because I really needed to hear some of the things that were in it. I was reminded that everyone has their crosses to bear but if you are able to get through them then there is a possibly of a great reward on the other side.

Why I like this Book.

I like this book because most of it reminds me of my life in many ways.  The author was born to a teenage mother, his father was not in his life, and his mother did any and everything to make sure he grew up with some sense.

Like the author I did not harp on my father not being in my life.  I like this aspect about the book because it shows that you cannot make excuses for being a loser.  He was born to a teenage mother and did not know his biological father. He did not use this as an excuse to roam around and wreak chaos on society via drive bys or being in a gang.  But instead used what he has been through as a way to encourage others.

Although the author geared some of his speaking toward young adults, the story in which he told resinated with me for a few reasons.

1. Because he was raised by a single mother.

I was raised by a teenage mother and I am a single mother and anyone who know me knows I work myself like a sharecropper to try to give the best to my son.  Sad to say there are many other single mothers or any mother for that matter who do not do the same.  I think it was refreshing to know that not all of a mother’s work is in vein.

When reading this book it made me hope that when my son gets older he would hold on to the values I have told him and not become a stereotype. I kind of gave me faith that I was on the right path with the way that I am with my son.

2. The other main reason I like this book is because of his struggle.

I think so many time when we see people who are on television or in the limelight, we really do not know how much they have had to work or how much they have been through in order to get to where they are.

I am not ashamed to admit that I am one of those people.  I can get self centered syndrome whenever I do not not see the payoff for my hard work as fast as I like or the way that I like I get angry.  For the author He went from being practically homeless, having no money, and still worked toward a goal he really did not know would pay off, but he kept going.

And even when the author began working for BET, he still did not have a clear career path right away or even money for that matter. In fact, he spoke about working at 106th and Park and still being broke because of his spending habits.

At the end of the day some of the struggle he faces are one that many people face when they have a dream they are trying to achieve.  But because the road to rough or hard, sad to say many people give up not knowing how hard others have worked just to get where they are.

3. A Good Black Man

Okay so I am going to share my age I am 30 and proud of it.  Because of this I really did not know who Terrence J was.  I did not watch 106 and Park with him on it because I was too old by the time he was casted.  I grew up in the AJ and Free timeframe.  Even though is saw Think Like A Man, I really did not put too much thought into researching the cast.

I say all that to say this.  After reading the book I am now a fan.  It was refreshing to see a black man say something that is actually worth reading that does not consists of banging out chicks, playing women, or doing drive bys.  It told a story of an ordinary black man born to a teenage mother that raised him right, and he went on to do extraordinarily things.

The bigger picture is that he did not get stuck or lost in the entertainment industry but continued to grow have a plan and keep moving forward..

What I took from this book and what anyone can take from this book is to just keep working.  When I say reading this book came at the right time it did.  I was overwhelmed by my PhD work (still am), being a single mother, money, trying to publish my book, my blog stuff, my job, and still doing the things I feel God called me to do.  I was running on E.  But reading someone else running on E and still reaching their destination made me feel like I could keep going.  Never think your dream it too big, God  gave it to you for a reason.

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