Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Is God In Control of My Relationships Status?

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Have you ever wondered if God was in control of your relationships status?  So many people wonder if there is a specific “one” that is out there for them or if it is up to us to do the best we can and find the best mate we can. (Read my blog here on if there is a one).  I have come to think that God is in control of our relationships status, if we allow Him to be.

First and foremost we have freewill, we can chose to be with who ever we want to be with.  But how many times have we gotten ourselves in relationships that we knew were not good for us only to be hurt by them in the end?  This is what we can bring on ourselves by forcing relationships with others.

When you look at Ruth and Esther, these are women who have lead their lives, having heartache, and still everything that they went through lead them up to meeting their prince charming.

Esther was an orphan who was raised by her uncle.  Esther had the ability to win over everyone that encountered her.  And because of this the king made Esther his queen.  You see, Esther did not wake up every day wondering when her singleness would be over.

Even if God has told Esther that she would be queen do you think that she would have believed it?

Sometimes we have to allow God to play out all of the things He wants to play out in our life, and following this path will lead us to the one God has for us.  Therefore focus should not be on “when” getting married will happen.  Instead take comfort in the fact that marriage or a relationships will come in the right time.

Ruth had endured much heartache.  She lost a husband, brother and law, and a father and law.  She chose to leave her home of Moab, leaving behind a sister and law to go to an unknown Jewish land.  Ruth did what she had to do, worked in the field and it was there that she met the love of her life.

It would seem that both of these women always had a path they were suppose to follow even when they went through hardships .  And because they just continued to live their life, the path led them to get married to men I am sure they had never even dreamed of for themselves.

For both cases it did not take them chasing after the man or laying down crying and being depressed over being single. All they did was live their life and trusted that God was going to take care of everything. And guess what, he did.

How many of us can say that now that we are single we are waiting and trusting God to bring the right one in our life?  This trust does not include getting mad at God because you have not met the right one yet or throwing temper tantrums trying to get God to notice you still being single.

With both Ruth and Esther it was them going through their life that cause them to get married.  So when waiting for the “one”  perhaps you need to evaluate what you are hung up on.  Are you stuck somewhere in life that you can’t get past.  It may just be this, that is keeping you from moving forward in your relationships.

Therefore, do not be uncontent in your singleness.  Think of it as a learning phase.  Choose to learn about yourself and go on the path you feel was meant for you.  Trust and believe that if you are doing these things then the right one will bump into you.

But things like not letting go of an ex, unforgiveness, low self esteem, all these things are examples of things we have to get over in order for us to move forward.  I have come to learn that it is better to enter a relationship as a stable person than it is to enter a relationship as an unstable person looking for a relationship to stabilize them.

So just a few things to remembers:

  • Do not find that person let them find you.
  • While Single get to know and be comfortable with yourself. 
  • Past grudges can keep you from moving forward in any of your relationships. 
  • Trust that God will bring you the right one at the right time. 

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