Monday, September 29, 2014

I Have The Ability

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When people meet me, they think I am frail, they think I am weak, and they think I will fail.

When people see me, they judge me, laugh at me, and do anything they can to get in my way.

But I know something they don’t, and I see things they can’t.

I have the ability.

As I walk with my head held high, I am secure in myself, they can’t make me cry.

As they watch me and see me.

They think I should conform to their world, but I make them conform to mine.

With my head held high, My heels clicking the ground, I pass everyone by.

A sophisticated poise I have the ability, I feel I can fly.

I am in the world, but not of it.. You want to conform, and I want to stand out.

I have the ability to be what I was created to be.
As I walk on a path paved by God himself. You’ll see.

I have the ability to be great, and because I believe.

 I have the ability to achieve what I want to achieve.

With my head held high and my cheek on my hand, I have the ability to intimidate you with a glance.

I do not have to shout and I do not have to fight, I have all this great ability through the power of my mind.

I think therefore I am, and I am therefore I know, I have the ability and through every pore of my skin and it shows.

So why they may laugh, bully, and make fun of me; they do not realize that they are in bondage and I am set free.

I have the ability to do what I want, and with my ability I sleep with the stars.