Friday, July 25, 2014

Are You A Woman Worth More Than Rubies? Or Are You Selling Yourself Short?

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A wife of noble character who can find? She is worth far more than rubies. Proverbs 31:10

I often find this verse about women very interesting.  For many who do not know diamonds are great but rubies are better and more rare.  So what an interesting concept that this verse would put a good women in such high esteem.

I was having a conversation with my mother.  She told me about a girlfriend, which was younger than my mom, and she felt obligated to sleep with a man after three dates.  Her rationale was because he spent money on her, took her to nice restaurants, and she felt that she had to give him something in return.

Where does this mentality come from?  Since when do you have to reward a man with your body just because he took you on a few dates.  The reason why I opened up with the above verse is because is a good woman is worth MORE than rubies, then how much does it take for you to be bought.

If it is going to take three dates, a purse, and a pair of shoes for you to give up your body, then I do not know to tell you.  Are you a women that is worth more than rubies?  If so, then you should be woman that cannot be bought.  And the only way a man should be able to get to you is if he gives you something that is worth more than rubies. This includes a ring on your left ring finger and a walk down the aisle declaring you as his wife.

I was once like the women out there, so lost, so confused, listening to men that had no sense and allowing them to talk me out of what is valuable.  What I have come to learn that you are actually putting price tag on something that God says in invaluable.

Isn't this an interesting concept in which society has talked us into rewarding men for doing their job.  I am not saying that it is man’s job to buy you everything in the world, but taking you out to get to know you is what they are suppose to be doing.  There is no reward for that.  That is normal behavior.

The world in which we live the roles have certainly changed.  What happened to the days in which men actually want to court women?  There whole purpose for getting to know you, was to see if they wanted to make you their wife.  Not to get inside of your pants or use you.

Men no longer see the value in marriage because women no longer see value in themselves.  They do not see themselves as something that is worth more than rubies.  Women now feel it their obligation to chase, pay for, run down, and be on the prowl for men.  In turn a man does not even have to try, they can just sit back relax and see which woman is willing to jump high enough to win his affection.

And when you really get down to it, their affection really isn't much.  When you historically look at some of the men in the Bible think of this.

Jacob worked 14 years for free in order to win the affection of Rachel (read my blog here).

David heard that whoever slayed Goliath would be able to take the king’s daughter for marriage, and so he slayed Goliath and countless of other men in battle to win her affection.

And Boaz, he made provision for Ruth when she was broke and hungry.  If you actually read this book of the Bible, Boaz went above and beyond to show his affection for Ruth (see blog here for more).

And guess what?  They did not expect anything in return for the woman as a way to show them gratitude.  This type of behavior was expected from them, because they were men.

This all sound fairy tale and romantic.  But I am convinced that there are men that are still out like this.  Women must stop selling themselves short and allow the man to be a man.  Most importantly women need to learn when a man is not this, then let go.  Do not try to hang on to something that is broken and try to make him into a man he isn't.

I know this may sound harsh.  But trust me I have wasted years trying to make a man into something they simply were not.  I tried to carry all the burden on my own up until the point that the man was just lazy.

It was at a point that I had to step back and stop hurting myself.  I say hurting myself because that is what I was doing.  I was getting into relationships that I knew the men were not willing to be men.  When you learn to let go, realize that it is their issues and not yours, a tremendous weight will be lifted off your shoulders.

You have a worth, it is something that is far more than rubies.  A price that is much more rare that diamonds.  A price that cannot be matched by simply anyone.

If you could imagine yourself being a princess would you marry anyone less that royalty.  Don’t  you think you deserve to be with a prince.  Not some hobo off the street that can’t even get up, take a bath, and get a job.

The thing about being a daughter of the most high God.  You are a princess.  You are royalty.  Even though God loves us all, some people have forgotten their royal position and have given it up and choose to live a life less than what they are capable of.  Less that what God wants them to live, and for some reason, some women have gave up their royal position as well, to take the place of a concubine instead of a wife.

I know this may sound harsh, but I want you to see it like it really is.  What princess deserves to be a concubine, sharing your man with several other women and no commitment.

Reclaim your royal position and wait for your prince.  Trust, it will come.

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