Wednesday, July 16, 2014

5 Tips On Finding Your Purpose In Life.

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Have you ever faced a point in your life that you wonder why you are here?  Have you really thought about what your purpose on Earth was.  If you have not, then you are seriously behind.  It is my personally belief that everyone was put on the Earth for a reason.  Not just to skate by not doing anything significant or important with their life.  It really does amaze me at how many people are lost in the sauce not knowing why they are here or what they want to do.

It is even more amazing how some people try to pursue and follow things that they have no business following.  I have come up with some quick tips on how to figure out what your purpose in life is.

 1. What are you good at.

Be serious with this one.  You need to actually try to understand what you gifts are and harness them.  For example, it is probably best that you try not to be a model if you do not have a model type figure and body.

I know this may sound rude, but understanding what you can and cannot realistically do is the first step.  If by chance you like modeling and you cannot be a model, try to re-harness those interest.  Try fashion design or getting into photography.  You see how this is a more feasible alternative and you can still do what you love.

2. Pray About It.

In my opinion you should never move and shake in life without praying about it first.  If you pray about it and God answers, this decreases your chance of failure,.  I know I would rather go in a direction that God has sent me and succeed even faster, then go in several aimless directions and fail at all of them.

Even when you pray, God may only give you one step at a time.  For me, my first real step was to get my Master’s degree.  I didn’t really know what God wanted me to do after that.  But I do not regret following his plan, even if He did not tell me the whole plan at once, and His plan for me is always evolving.  Because I know His plan is the best plan.

3. Practice Makes Perfect.

You cannot want to be an actress and be in a movie tomorrow.  Even if you were called to do something you still have to be a master at your craft.  For me this meant going to school, and getting more specialized training in counseling.

If you want to be a writer then write every day, take writing classes, get better, get feedback, or keep a journal. Practice, practice, practice.  For every dream that you have there is someone out there with the same dream.  What is going to make someone give you a chance over giving them a chance?

You have to be better.  You have to have a better resume and more experience.  Whatever it is that you want to do, practice so that you become better.

4. Give your gifts to God.

I feel that everything you do should give back to God in someway. This is a way of thanking him for helping you succeed.  This does not mean you have to go out and preach the gospel.  But whatever it is that you do carry God with you. Whatever it is that you do try to glorify God with it.  Whatever it is that you want to do, try to include God with it.  God never punished anyone for trying to include Him in their purpose, in fact He will reward you for it.  Whatever your purpose is, try to find a way to keep God in the center.

5. Looking Into Your Past

I am a firm believer that we all have a past.  Some that we are not proud of.  But the past may be the key to your future.  If you have been through hardships and gotten through this successfully, how to you know that your calling may not be to help someone in the same position you were.

Using your hardships can be a direct link to what you are suppose to do in the future.  For myself, I am a single women and single mother.   I love encouraging these types of women. So while I resented all the things I went through when I was going through them, I now use it to help others so they do not go through the same things.

It goes without saying that one of my pet peeves are people wandering aimlessly though life not knowing or caring what they are supposed to be doing.  You are supposed to do something.  Weather your purpose is big or small, your purpose will suite you and it will be something that makes you feel fulfilled.  It is better to go about something that you love and were meant to do, than sit in doing something that you hate.