Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Blog Tip Tuesday. Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

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I am one of those people who have had their blog up and running for a while.  But just because you have a blog does not mean that you are going to have tons and tons of traffic flocking to it.  Through much trail and error I have finally found some good free ways to bring traffic to my blog.  I feel that the free ways are the best ways.  The reason being is because you build an audience that is going to come back to your blog as oppose to paying for people to come and they only visit once.

So here are some free tips to help you drive traffic to your blog.

 1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is great.  But there us a way to do it and not to do it.  If you want guest blogging to be worth your time and bring traffic to your blog then these Do’s are a must.

Do make sure you guest blog for something in your niche.

Guest blogging for people in your niche is like shooting fish in a barrel.  All the readers from the other blog are already interested in the topic you are writing about so it is more likely to get valuable readers if they choose to click your blog.

Do get back link.

A back link is where you get to put your blog URL with the guest post.  Without a black link it is pointless.  A back link tells the readers of the guest post where you blog is so they can visit.  Also by having a back link it helps your (SEO) search engine optimization and it is easier for others to find your blog through a search engines, because it ranks higher.

2. Link Ups.

There are so many links ups.  A link up is basically where you put a post to a link up so others can find it and read about it.  To get the most from links up, do the same ones every week.  This is so you can become a regular member and make connections from other bloggers and readers.

Also be sure to post within link up that are within your niche, this is for the same reason as listed above. Some link ups will actually have a feature or put the links up on Pin interest, Twitter, or Facebook; especially if they have thousands and thousand of followers of views to their blog.  All this adds to your exposure and putting your links on other sites helps with your (SEO).   All of which drive traffic to your site.

To make Link ups worth your time, try to at least do about five a day.  The more the better.

3. Viral Buzz (Click Here)

There are many sites like Viral Buzz but this is the only one that I find valuable.  It deals mostly with social media.  Essentially you get points by sharing other peoples blog post and they get points for sharing yours.

The best way to get traffic from this is when sharing other people’s posts, make sure it is within your niche.  Also, read their blog first to make sure it is something you agree with.

This gives you the chance share good information to your followers and it will also give you a chance to get your best post shared through other people’s social media pages.  Some people will share your post even if it is not in their niche.  This is not ideal, but if they have several thousand followers a some read your post.  It is likely that if they like it they will become a follower or a fan of your blog.

Another tip for Viral Buzz is to alway chose the tweet option where they tweet you as well.  So if people like your blog post they can find your page and you might get followers as well.

4.  Comment On Other  Blogs.

This can be done through link ups.  When you read other people blogs put comments on int he comments section.  And not just “hey I liked this blog.”  Actually read it and put a good comment chances are they will speak back to you and even visit your blog.

You can do this with any blog other than a link up.  Putting comments on really popular blogs will give their readers a chance to see it and also check out your blog.

This will work best with commenting to blogs that are within your niche and not spamming.  When putting a comment there is no need to shamelessly plug in your blog URL over and over again so that they see it.

This will more than likely annoy them.  Instead, when putting a comment most ask for your name, URL info, or Social media info.  If people like your comment then they will click on this information and visit your blog anyway.  Without the spam.

Also by putting your name and URL option with a comment, this also is a back link and helps with your SEO.

5.  Social Media.

I am not a master of this yet because I do not spend that much time on social media.  However, the times I have done it, it has been worth my time.  If you follow important people in your niche, if your social media page is worth wild then they will follow you back. This can even work if you get a celebrity to follow you.

Or if anyone with several thousand followers follows you it is a good thing.  If you post your blog on social media and can get them to share or re-tweet your blog post, to their thousands of followers.  Not only will it drive traffic to your blog but also get you some new followers.

That is it for this Blog Tip Tuesday.  Tune in next week for new blog tips.

Be Blessed!