Monday, July 7, 2014

If You Are A Christian, Aren't You Called To Be Christlike?

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The other day I got into a heated argument with a family member over what I believed versus what she believed.  The argument resulted in her saying that I felt I walked on water and I didn’t.  Anyone who knows me or my background knows that I am so far from walking on water that it is not funny.

But I personally do feel obligated to share a specific message that God has shared with me.  I think people tend to get so offended by what I am about to say, because as a Christian, it would cause them to change.

It is sad to say, so many Christian openly sin in God’s face, call it okay, and the rely on the blood of Jesus to get them off the hook.  When the next day comes around, they commit the same sin, they may or may not repent, and still feel like this is acceptable to God.

Do not get me wrong, God does not expect perfection from us, because it is a level we can never achieve.  But what God does honor, is the effort that we put forth in at least trying to obey His word.

The point that I mentioned to my family member was this.  Everyday when you wake up, you should have your mind set on pleasing God.  Each situation you enter throughout the day, weather easy or hard, you have to try to react in the Christian way and not the way you want to act.

I have come to find that many Christians have trouble with this concept.  Many Christians want to do what they want to do, say what they want to say, believe the part of the Bible they want to believe, and the parts they do not want to believe they throw away.

This is something that my aunt and I went back and forth on.  She was under the impression that since we all sin, then you can openly sin, ask for forgiveness and it will be okay.

This is why I encourage everyone to actually open up the Bible and read it.  Whenever you see Jesus healing someone, or forgiving someone, does he not say “go on and sin no more.”  We all know that since they were people they probably did sin again.  But them sinning should not be a conscious effort.

Meaning that when Jesus save the adulteress from being stoned and he told her to go on and sin no more.  Even though she may have sinned again in life, I am sure she did not carry on having sex and selling her body for money.

I am sure from that day on, she would reflect on her actions and try to do the things that Jesus commanded her to do.  Does that make sense?  God rewards the effort, and when you dedicate your life to Christ he expects it?

There are so many Christians leading other people astray because they are out there doing what they want to do, and when it is convenient for them, they want to proclaim they are Christians.  This should not be so!

When people observe you, look at you, or speak to you, there should be something in you they recognize as being different.  This does not mean  you are walking around telling everyone your are a Christian and condemning others to Hell due to their sinful ways.

This only means that because the Holy Spirit dwells in you, it should shine through you wherever you go.

One thing I really have a problem with in my life, is the way people respond to me.  I am only 30 years old, and I look like I am 12.  I have been hated and talked about because of how young I am and because people think I do not know what I am talking about. I have been persecuted for being too forgiving, for knowing too much, for being black, for being a women, and for how I look.

I mean the list can really go on and on.  I am not counting myself special, but what I am trying to say is the world is going to sometimes to respond to you in a way that is negative.  They may even hate you, because of the Holy Spirit in you.  They may not even be able to tell you why they do not like you.

But, as Christians, it is our obligation to always remain Christlike toward those people in in every situation, even when it is hard.  If you are not willing to get up everyday and at least try to mimic the way of Christ, then I am sorry to say you are not Christian.

As my family member pointed out, she felt as if I was being judgmental.  But I am not, I am simply pointing out the obvious.  As a Christian, you are called to be different.  As a Christian you are called to imitate the way of Christ.  Hence the word (Christ) in Christian.  We are not called this just because it sounds fancy.

In closing, if you are offended by this, then you may need to reflect on your own behavior, not what I am telling you.  I promise what I am saying is the truth.  At the end of your life, you are going to have to answer to God.  You are going to have to defend all of your actions.  So with each action and sin you do, if you feel God will accept your explanation for sinning, then by all means continue.  But I can almost guarantee that God’s response will be if Jesus died for you, then you can at least try to do right by him, by honoring him in your behavior.

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