Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Think Like A Queen To Get Your King

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A true rag to riches story is the story of Esther.  This is a true example that dreams really do come true.  Can you imagine being Esther? Growing up as an Jewish orphan and then one day you are queen.  I often read the book of Esther so many times and each time I get something out of it.

It is my opinion that we can all be Esther.  We can all find our King.  There is something that we can all learn from Esther and her behavior as to how she found her king.  Esther was rounded up with God knows how many virgins, but something from the very beginning made Esther stand out.  I am confident that if women follow some of the same basic steps, we too can find our kings.

1. Esther gain favor with all those who saw her.  I mean really and truly she did.  She must have been some remarkable woman to win over every person that meant her.  From the time she was rounded up she won the favor of the guard over the virgins. So much so that he gave her a special room in the palace and she had women to tend to her needs.

She was not even queen yet but already had servants and a special place in the king’s castle.

There is a point in this.  You should try to be nice and win the favor over everyone you meet.  The fact of the matter is you never know who is watching you.  Your “king” could be watching you from afar and if every other word that comes out of your mouth is a curse word, then this is not going to convince him that you are a queen.

Also you never know if the person you are speaking to has a single friend or single brother they want to hook you up with.  Better yet, if a man has his eye on you and he ask someone who knows you about the type of person you are, you want them to say something good about you.

If you have a reputation for acting ugly, I am sure this type of behavior is not going to help you find someone that is really worth being with.

2. Esther went through beauty treatments for a whole year before she was eligible to be brought before the king.

Can you imagine being in the palace knowing that the king is looking for a queen, but have to wait a whole year minimum before you even meet him because you have to endure beauty treatments?  I am not recommending everyone book a weekly trip to the spa, but I am asking you to look deeper.

If you want a relationship are you really ready?  Are there some skeletons in your closet that you need to get out?  Or perhaps you need to address some neediness or jealousy type issues?  My point is just like Esther had to go through the beauty treatments to prepare herself for the king.  There are some things you may need to go through and deal with before you meet your king.  When you get married, life does not end with rose petals and bubbles being thrown in your face everyday.

You may need to cook for your family, clean up after them, not go out until 4am every other day of the week.  Do not wait until the day comes and your not ready, get ready now and this can actually make you more appealing.

3.  Esther knew how to get her way.

Esther was known for stopping the persecution of the Jews.  This was no easy task.  Esther could have went about it the wrong way by nagging the king or coming before him making demands risking her head getting chopped off.

Even when Esther went before the king uninvited, thankfully her head did not get chopped off but she did not start making demands on the king.  Instead she FED him! That’s right she gave him a table full of food two nights in a row before even asking for something.

My point is there is a way to do something and a way to not do something.  Being a screaming, nagging, and throwing temper tantrums type of woman to get your way is not cute and not right.  Women fail to realize that you can easily get what you want from a man without trying to forcibly change him.

All you have to do is cater to his ego, and then gently ask what you want.  Make sense.

The Bible is never outdated.  In fact, the examples of the women in the Bible if studied close enough, they were very strong and determined women.  As I now read the book of Esther I do not see some lonely orphan that was lost in the world.  I can see that all of her moves were strategically calculated from the time she entered the palace to get the King that she wanted.

She did not get this by being fake.  She got these for being herself and understanding the characteristics of being a Queen.  Her counterpart the queen before Esther, Vashti, on the other hand did not and she was banished from the King’s presence forever and a better woman took her place.

The morale of this story is not to go out to takes someone else’s man.  But to be a queen you must think like one.