Monday, July 14, 2014

Your Reputation Can Affect Your Relationship Status

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I have come to understand and believe that something as simple as a reputation can affect your relationships status.  With the beauty of social media, it is so easy to become internet stalkers on the person you are crushing and sometimes this is not always a bad thing.

One thing about getting into relationships is that people can pretend to be anything or anyone.  Many people are disappointed after the infatuation phase wears off and they completely realize the person they are with is not the person they thought they were.

Weather you are looking for a relationship or not you need to always be yourself and be on your best behavior. I will use myself as an example.  Some men have portrayed themselves to be one way and as soon as you become their Facebook friends you find out that they are coco for cocoa puffs.

Let’s just say if a man was considering a relationship with you and he visited your social media accounts, what would it say about you? How would you be perceived? You may think I am over exaggerating but I bet this happens a lot.

Being a good person on the inside and outside is the way to go. And not just faking the funk so you can find a man but really being that way is what matters.  Let’s turn to my favorite books in the Bible Ruth and Esther to prove my point.  They are the only woman who has books name after them, and both give good examples.

In the book of Esther it continually speaks of how beautiful she was to look at.  Since entering the Kings court, she gained favor from everyone who saw her.  I am going to tackle this story from a different perspective, stay with me.

If Esther was gaining favor around the Kings court, whose to say that all the important people who met her were not going to the King singing her praises.  The Bible does not say this specifically but Esther was given special accommodations in the palace, she won over the man in head of all of virgins, she was given her own servants, and she won over other people that would have come in contact with the king. All this going on under the kings nose I am sure he had to notice something.

Somewhere down the line, people must have said “King have you met that virgin Esther yet, because she is really something.  She would make a great future queen, better than Vashti in fact!”

So by the time Esther came into the King’s presence he had already heard such good things about her. When he met her, she met up to all his expectations that he quickly made her queen.

You see Esther, did not have to go around bragging about herself, how pretty she was, or how nice she was.  People just observed this about her because she was busy being herself, not pretending to be someone else.  And every person that she won over, built up her reputation.

Let’s jump to Ruth.  Ruth was out there in the field working up a storm trying to get food for her and her mother and law.  Then along came Boaz.  He did not approach Ruth right away but asked his servants about who she was.  And to his surprise they had nothing but good things to say about her.  He learned that she was a hard worker and all she had done to support her mother and law, and these were the things that attracted him the most.  Because she was good.  Not because she was plastered half naked out in the field trying to catch a man.

I am convinced that most men are willing to make you a wife, when they feel that you would make a good wife.  At least good men anyway.  Make no mistake about the fact that men will give you attention no matter what, but what they classify you as being can be important.  They can classify you as being a potential wife or a woman to pass time while a wife comes along.

This determination can be made off of how you act, how you dress, what you say, what you tweet, Instagram, or Facebook about.  Never underestimate the power of a reputation and how having a bad one can repel good men away.