Monday, July 14, 2014

God Is All Around Us.

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Have you ever stopped to think about how God is all around us.  I think sometimes we are so use to the way the world works that we forget how much effort God has to put into this world to make it fit to live in.

I know this may seem like a weird topic but last night I was reminded of just that.  I was sitting in my garage talking to God.  I was really having a complaint session with God about certain things I was dealing with.  I then asked God to show me a sign.  As I looked out of the top of the window in my garage, there was the moon.

I know you may be wondering what is so significant about the moon?  This was not my first time seeing the moon but for some reason in that moment I began to look at the moon in a completely different way.  It was so beautiful, clear, and it lite up the night sky.

Often times when I view the natural aspects of the Earth I have the same type of thoughts.  This world was so strategically made that everything in it had to be made by a creator.

If we did not have the sun, where would we be?  We would be cold and no life would be able to inhabit the Earth.  And just as I looked at the moon, I thought If we did not have the moon or stars where would we be?  Probably wondering around in the dark looking lost and confused.

When you think of how much God loves us, you think about the fact that God put so much thought and effort in crafting the world so that we could live in it.   If  you are a Christian I am sure you are familiar with the

“ In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth” story.  But have you really thought about it.

That everything in the Earth was created for humans.  Not only for our enjoyment, but so that we can live.  Every time the rain falls, it is to water our crops, feed the animal we eat, and replenish out water supply that we need to live.

Every time the sun shines it is to keep us warm, give sunshine to our plants, and provide use with light.  Really think about if all the plants died we would not be able to breathe.  They give off oxygen and take in  carbon dioxide.  We breathe in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide.

It is crazy how the world was created to compliment us and our needs.  And how it is all intertwined so that us humans can continue to exist happily within the Earth.

People who do not believe in God, I never got this.  I wonder do they somehow think that all these things were some big coincidence.  That the sun, moon, Earth, stars, plants, and animals were accidentally put into place and somehow this made the perfect home for our race?

That takes too much effort to be a coincidence.  It must be God.  Not only must it be God but the very fact that He cares about us so much, that he had created the world to compliment us in such a way.  Do you not see that as amazing? And better yet, do you not see that as a sign of how much God cares about us.

Perhaps I took the moon to literally, but if you would have seen it the way that I saw it, these were the exact thoughts that came into my mind.  How the moon has the exact elements in it that it can light up the sky, revolve around the Earth, in all areas of the world to create a perfect formula called night and day.

How the sun can be the exact distance away so that it creates all seasons, and even in the summer no matter how hot it is, we still will not burn to death.  Or how gravity exists so that we do not spin out of control and into space but are able to stay perfectly grounded on land.

I urge you to really clear you mind and think about these aspects on the world and how God gave it as a present to us.  And how in itself, every time the moon is in the sky or the sun sets, everyday these are little miracles and God is always all around us if we look hard enough.

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