Friday, July 4, 2014

The Devaluing Of Women

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My inspiration for this post, is because I have am shocked at how women are portraying themselves in media. Every time I look at Instagram or any other popular social media site, I am flooded with images of half naked women trying to get their claim to fame, by hash tagging about not wearing any underwear ( or something as equally irrelevant and crazy).

I know you may say I am coming across as being judgmental, and this is more than likely true.  But I have come to have a serious problems with women being looked at as mindless drones that have nothing to offer but their body. And worse, women being proud to go along with these stereotypes. Gone are the days where women actually have a brain.

 Now a man’s ideal women is someone who has a sex tape and takes the most provocative social media photos.  Am I the only one that is living on planet Earth.  When have these attributes became accepting in a wife and mother (read my blog here for more on this topic).

I understand all people make mistakes, but it has gotten to the point where celebrities are deliberately putting out sex tapes in order to boost their popularity.  You really have to wonder, where is our values system going if these are the types of things that we are honoring in our women..

Many of the relationships in this day and age looks something like this:

A man and a women are “together,” she also has a girlfriend on the side in which she has sex with and her man knows about it.  The man that she is with does not want to commit to monogamy because he is of course having sex with other women who all know about each other AND fight with each other so they can be the main chick (read my blog here for more on the depletion of monogamy).

Do you see how INSANE, all of this sounds when it is written out.  But how many of you reading this are settling for the same type of none sense. All it takes is to watch the latest reality show to see this scenario play out.  Media is a huge part of our lives believe it or not.

Social media, internet, and television continuously feeds our brains and begins to conform how we view the world.  I dare you to watch television for two hours and you can literally count how many immoral suggestions and themes are on it (check out my blog here on media and morals).  Or better yet go to the most popular social media accounts for women, and see what is promoted by them.

I can almost guarantee you it is the woman with the most butt shots, passed out drunk, doing absolutely nothing meaningful with her life.  And for some reason or another, this is something that is celebrated by society.

I don’t get it! Maybe someone can explain it to me.  I do not want to hear the none sense about women being sexually free and all this other garbage.  This type of thinking promotes STD’s.

I would love to hear opinions why being intelligent as a women means being a prude?  Or why having an opinion or being able to hold a conversation that does not focus on sex is outdated? I would love to know why open relationships have become the way to go over monogamy or marriage?

Can someone explain to me!  Why have the values that we have held firm to for many years seem to be slipping away and replaced by an over sexualized society?

Although it may be too late to change the entire planet from being this way. One thing you can do is change yourself. You can change the way you are perceived by other people and if you are one of these women change the way you put yourself out there.

If you want to be famous, be famous for improving society in some way shape or form, not for being able to win the most twerking contest in a row by standing on your head wearing nothing but a G string and tube top.  How on Earth is that an accomplishment? And better yet, when you are 60 years old, how is that going to help secure your future? Think about it.

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