Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Good is it for a Man To Profit the whole world, But Lose their Soul?

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What is your price?  Do you have one?  I have come to learn that most people do.  As I was speaking to someone the other day, they told me that if the were homeless they would sleep with someone for $10,000 to get themselves back on their feet.

I was speaking to a Christian when they told me this, and honestly I had a problems with what they were saying.  I really hate to come across as judgmental but it made me think, what price are you willing to put on yourself that moves you away from God and into the ways of the world?

Let me explain, if I was homeless I would pray to God and hope that He reveals to me a way out of it, and even if He did not take me out of  it right away, I would hope that I would not openly do something that disappointed God.

Meaning that if you are willing to sleep with someone for money you are essentially telling God that you do not trust Him to get you out of whatever situation you are in, instead you trust man to give you money to fix your situation, over trusting God.  Make sense? (see my blog here on women being worth more than rubies).

So again I ask you what amount of money can someone pay you to get you to throw your values out of the window and idolize money over idolizing the ways of righteousness.

“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Mark 8:36

If you are willing to compromise your values all for the sake of money, promotion, a man, a women, friendships, or a materiel possessions, then you have compromised your soul.  Once you have compromised your soul you are stuck and you will have no problem doing it again and again.

In this world although you are gaining money, friends, status, and other material possessions. You are losing points with God.  This is because you are essentially saying that these things are more important than God and you value them more than you value the opinion of God.

I ponder, how many people have unknowingly sold their soul to go after the things in this world instead of thirsting after God? (TWEET THIS) 

From personal experience I can say a lot about this.  From the things that I have seen in my short life, I can tell I have see so called Christian step on other people, bad mouth them, lift themselves up all for the sake of gaining or looking good in someone else’s eyes.

But you have to think, how do you look in God’s eyes? The things that you do in the dark may not be known to anyone else but you, or so you think.  But they are known to God.

I do not think people really reflect that God is watching them every second of the day, so while on the outside they can pretend to be all saved and sanctified, God can see the darkness of their heart.  And when you get to heaven, you will have to answer for it.

When you leave this Earth, what are you going to tell God  if He asks you about selling your body, using a man for money, being a shallow social climber, or stepping or others to get ahead.
What can you possibly tell God, to your behavior to think that He would excuse it?

To repent of your sin is one thing.  But I am talking about the people who are willing to do anything to get ahead, even at the expense of others.  I am talking about the people desire the materiel gains in this world and will do anything to get it.

There is nothing wrong with wanting more.  I want more.  But am I willing to compromise who I am to get it?  Am I willing to deny all God has taught me thus far to get what I want in this world?  No.

My soul is all I have.  It is what will take me to heaven, and if I lose it then I have nothing.  This world is really only a fraction on time that we have to live.  If we spend our entire Earth life thirsting after the wrong things, when we are dead and gone what legacy are we going to leave?  Better yet, where are you going to go?

Most people do not think about that.  Even if you are young, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  In the matter of seconds your life can end in any numbers of ways.  Do not live your life for the world and think “ When I get older I will turn to God.”  That day may never come.

While you are here, in this moment, choose to live now.  Live for God.  This does not mean you have to become a monk or nun, it just means that you value Him over anything else.  That you are not going to compromise what you believe or who you are just to be popular with the world.

It takes a lot to this.  You may lose friends, money, opportunities, or even a job.  But what you lost, God will give it back to you.  If  Jesus can die on a cross for you, for you to have an opportunity to get into heaven, you can die to the world for him.

When Jesus fasted for 40 days he was tempted by the devil.  The devil told him to bow, and if he did the whole world would be given to him.  Jesus was hungry, weak, tired, and weary, but he did not bow.

He knew that his reward in heaven was greater than his reward on Earth.  He knew his life on Earth would only be short lived and he had the rest of eternity to live a life of greatness.  And so he chose greatness.

This may confused people seeing as how Jesus suffered and was persecuted.  But I think this should tell you something.  If he was willing to go through this life in such a way that he did and not waiver, then it should tell you how great he knew the reward in heaven would be once he got there. And how this world’s reward was no comparison.  Think about it.

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