Saturday, July 12, 2014

Praying For Your Future Husband

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This is a topic in which I feel very inclined to talk about.  As a single woman it is important to pray for your future spouse, but your prayers should not come from a place of desperation and loneliness.

For single women wanting to get married, there is nothing wrong with this.  However, if your whole life depends on it, there is something wrong.  Prayer should be the focal point of your life.  There is nothing wrong with praying for your future husband, as long as it does not sound something like this:
“ God please bring me my man, I do not know if I can last another day without him, I am so lonely!”

This type of prayer God does not appreciate nor will it make God answer your prayers any sooner.  As a matter of fact, this prayer is showing God how much you idol worship marriage.  The fact that you would not be able to last another day without a husband is utterly ridiculous, you should feel that way about God not a man that you have not even meant yet.

I will not be to hard on you single women out there, because I am single myself.  There was one point in my life where I was desperate.  God has a sense of humor though.  I would pray that God would just bring someone, anyone, with a certain type of characteristics I wanted.  And God brought these type of men, and guess what? I didn’t care for them at all.

Sometimes God has to answer your prayers in this way to show you what you think you want, you really do not want at all.  At this point my my life I gave up my quest to find a husband because it was only leading me to unhappiness, obsessions, and an unrealistic expectation of marriage.

I do still pray for my husband though, but not in the way you expect.  My prayers are not “God bring him now” or “God I am so lonely.”  My prayers mostly focus on his soul.  I pray for him like I would pray for anyone else.  I pray that he prospers as his soul prospers.  I pray that he knows God and grows in his spiritual walk.  I pray for his career and that he would make a good provider. I pray that he is keeping himself out of trouble and that he is waiting for me just like I am waiting for him.

Do you see how these prayers are not only different but also better than the desperate prayers for a husband.  God will honor these prayers because they are not selfish prayers and they seek to uplift the other person.  What you as a single women need to realize, is that once you pray for the other person to be better, that is when you are more ready for marriage.

Marriage is not just for you, it is for you two.  It is also for push you both toward God.  So if you cannot do that while being single, then how are you ging to convince God that you can do it when you are married.

If you are praying for a husband.  I encourage you to examine the way you are praying.  If they re all about you and your needs, reevaluate not only how you pray but also why you want to get married.

Marriage is not a catalyst to making you happy.  You should already be happy and the marriage is something else to add onto you.  Until you truly grasps these concepts, God is never going to bring you the husband you desire.  Even when you reach these thing God may not bring you the husband you desire.

It is going to take balance on both parts.  You being where you need to be as well as your husband being where he needs to be.  If you feel that you are where you need to be, then I encourage you to pray for your future husband.  This could be what is holding to two back.

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