Saturday, July 5, 2014

How to Overcome Hardships and Obstacles.

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This may come as a shock to people but life is not going to be the way you want it to be 100% of the time.  There have been hardships in my life that I have been able to get over within the matter of days, and there are hardships that have happened in my life that I have still not been able to get over and it has been years.  Even though tough times hurt, I know I cannot allow it to over run me so that I become lazy and give up on life.

The only thing this is going to do is cause me to go into an even tougher time and possibly even be resentful toward God (see my blog here).  There was a time where I thought, since I was going through hard times that God was not with me or He has some type of vendetta or punishment He wanted me to act out, through my suffering.

I am ashamed to admit whenever I had a problems, then I somehow feel it is the only problem that anyone has ever had and God should focus all His efforts in helping me fix it. If He did not fix it fast enough or like I wanted, then something must be wrong with our relationship.

Here is a secret I am going to tell you that is going to save you a lot of time.  God is not going to save you from very obstacle you have.  Many of the times it is up to you to muster up the strength to deal with your own issues and overcome, after all this is what makes you stronger.

A second secret that may cause you to be upset is that God is not flipping out over all of your problems the way you are.  Just as I felt the problems I was going through should have been the center of God’s universe, there are billions of other people who problems are way worse than mine and God was probably thinking that I was being a selfish spoiled brat.

I can be a little dramatic, when I feel my life has been turned upside down and I am going through things that make me feel uncomfortable, then I start to get mad with God.  I try to tell Him how He needs to fix it, how He should not have let these things happen, and in the true sport of being stubborn; I tell God I am never going to talk to Him again.

With this attitude, instead of getting over my suffering I sit and wallow in it, not allowing God to at least give me peace about it because I am refusing to talk and/or listen to Him.

With this being said, I am sure I must be the only one that has an inability to deal with my hardships and seek on blaming God for not moving fast enough to make the situations right (note the sarcasm).

I know this is many people.  But now I will give you hope in the midst of hardship.  As long as there is another day, as long as you are still breathing, as long as the world keeps on turning there is a chance for your situation to get better and you cannot give up hope.

Whatever your hardships is, you have no choice but to just truck though it.  I often contemplate what people go through once they commit suicide.  I can almost bet that those who commit suicide because of what they were going through, that in the instant they do, most probably regret it.  When they have completed the act of death, and their spirit is leaving their body I can almost bet most will say that perhaps they acted too hastily, that perhaps their problems were not worth taking their life, and perhaps if they would have given it a few more days, weeks, or months, then things would have been different. And now because they decided to take their own life, all hope is gone and their life is over.

The reason why I feel this way, is because it is true with any hardships we face.  If we just accept the hardship for what it is, give it time, we will put through.  Sometimes there is no quick recipe for getting over pain, but time.

If you are going through life pain that seems unbearable I encourage you not to give up.  The pain does not last always, you will endure.  You must believe that and be open and accepting to receiving it as well.  You have your whole life ahead of you, and do not let a few rough patches cause you to end your life or give up.

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