Monday, July 7, 2014

Why Sleeping With A Man Too Soon Does Not Equal A Relationship.

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Recently I did research on relationships and how it is associated with media.  The findings were very interesting.  It is crazy to think of all the things we allow to be absorbed into our brains without even thinking about how it effects us.

When you turn on your television and watch any type of male and female romantic interaction you are more than likely to observe the following things:

A. Man meets woman, woman sleeps with man within the first few dates, and this leads to man and woman getting married.

B. Woman likes two men, is sleeping with both of them, men are chasing relentlessly after woman and she has her pick between the two.

C. Women is sleeping with many men.  Women appears to be completely satisfied with these types of relationships.  Because of the way woman is, men want to chase her and marry her.

These three scenarios are just to name a few.  I do challenge you however, that in your everyday viewing of television watch the reoccurring theme of the way relationships are portrayed.

I say all of these things just to say this.  Women, this is not reality.  You are not going to get married or have any type of meaningful relationships by spreading your vagina thin from man to man.  Common mistakes women make when trying to get into a relationship is they have sex too fast or think their vagina is so magical it is going to win over a man.

Ladies, men can have sex with you and have no type of like, interest, love, or emotional connection to you whatsoever.  It is hard for females to understands this, because this goes against the DNA make up of women.

This is why it is so important to understand that TV is TV and real life is real life.  Trying to use the popular promiscuity techniques to win a man over is only going to cause him to place you in the “use and throw away” Category.  Believe it or not, men do respect standards.  They may not tell you that, because they want to get some, but they do.

This is why it is my firm belief that as women we have to learn that we have a vagina, and it has power.  Traditionally, men have waged are over it, hence Helen of Troy.  The problem that stands between you and being in a meaningful relationships, may be that you are trying to act like a man by having casual sex, pretending like it does not matter, thinking that this is going to trick a man into being with you.
After all, look at any television show, movie, sitcom, and this is what is glorified.  As women we need to learn that traditional values are the best values.  No man wants to turn a Hoe into a housewife.  Even though you may give it up too soon, this does not classify you as a Hoe, but men they do not see it like that.  You can tell them they are special and you have never done this before BUT the only thing they are going to be thinking is that you have done it before, because you are doing it with them.  Even though they may take it, this does not mean you are put into the “wife” category.  It is quite the opposite.

I would love to school you in the art of having standards, but sadly enough, there is not enough words to cover it in this post.  I am interested in men sharing their opinions in women giving it up too soon (the real truth). And what women think too.

Here are readings I recommend for women, looking on how to maintain standards in a relationships and when looking for a relationship.