Wednesday, July 9, 2014

What You Feed In Your Brain Is What You Become. Who Are You Modeling Yourself After?

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I am completely surprised at the direction role models have taken, especially as it pertains to women.  To give you an example, when Mya Angelou passed away, I made an effort to read her bio.  There I discovered that she had done things that even I did not know about.  This is the type of role model I want.  This is the type of woman I want to model myself after.

Now let’s flash forward to our role models today.  I will not mention any names, but who are the role models that have the most twitter/ instagram followers.  Do they really promote something positive? Or do they promote their bodies?

I can almost bet it is the latter.  I do no think there is anything wrong with being beautiful.  But I just wonder why a woman cannot be beautiful and intelligent.  Why do we now look up to women who have sex tapes, promiscuous behavior,  and who are plastered half naked on social media.  Is this what we value as a society?

This is not to come across as being judgmental, I just want women to reflect on what they are putting into their systems.  If these are the women that you look up to, you are going to model yourself after them weather you believe it or not.

I can recall one of my friend that is well into their 30’s, feels that their role model is Kim Kardashian.  I have nothing against Kim Kardashian.  However, when  compare the works of someone like Mya Angelou to Kim Kardashian, I would rather model my life like Mya Angelus’s any day.

I would want to be remembered for greatness.  And my definition of greatness is making a positive impact on other people’s lives.  Inspiring them to be better.

As a Christian, I feel this life is only a fraction of the time we have.  The rest of it we are going to spend in eternity.  Therefore, the point of this life is to glorify God and to live the best life we feel we can live.
When we die and get to those pearly gates, I want to be judged on the thing that I did to improve the life of others.  I do not want to be judged for not doing anything significant or putting more value in my body and appearance then I did on the works of God.

Whatever it is you are doing you are going to have to answer for it in this life or the next.  God is never ignorant to your actions.  Not only does He see your actions but He sees your heart.

So you may be wondering where I am going with this?  What I am trying to say, is women need to desire to be something more than what we have been portrayed in the media.  We need to pick and choose role models that inspire us to be and do better, instead of those who do not inspire us to be much.

I have met women who pretend to be stupid, who feel the only thing they have to offer is their body, or who feel the only way to get attention is to show their body. What is this mentality!?

It is so funny because often times when I go out, people see me because I look young and I am black, they assume I must be some poor stupid little girl.

I blow people minds when I tell them I own a home and am working on my PhD.  This is because they expect me to be something different , based off what they have seen other black 30 year old women be.

Wouldn’t you like to be the one to break out of the stereotypes and have people be amazed when they look at you as opposed to just fitting in.  When you look at any significant historical person, when have they ever just wanted to fit it?

Their driving factor is that they wanted to stand out.  This is what makes them great.  Can you understand that?  In your everyday life, watch what you feed into your brain.  What who you look up to?  The people you look up to are the people you are going to model after.

Many of you may be saying that you are completely fine with with the way you are.  You may love being half naked on the internet or not being able to have a significant opinion about anything ever.  If this is you, then stay in the space you are in.

But I want all of you to at least dare to be different, and stand out in a good way and not the bad. I do believe I mentioned this is another post.  But the reason for mid-life crisis is because when people reach a certain age, they all of a sudden realize they have not done the things they wanted.  And they feel they have foolishly wasted their lives.  And so, they set to get this time back by going into a mid life crisis.

Don’t be that person.  You have time now to make your life into something.

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