Friday, July 18, 2014

Fashion Forward Friday. Tips and Trick To Buying Affordable Make-up and Jewelry Online.

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I am starting something new this week called “Fashion Forward Fridays.”  I wrote a guest post for Comeback mama (click here for it) and it talked about how after I became a single mother I did not have the money or self esteem to look like my old self.

Once I lost the weight and found some cheap go to options for fashion, I quickly found that I did not have to sacrifice how I looked just because I was a single mother.

In this post I would like to address make up and jewelry.  I would love to tell you that I have hundreds if not thousands of dollars to spend in high end cosmetics and jewelry.  But I don’t.  Seeing as how I have bills, mortgage, and private school and all.

I have never been the type that just wants to get high priced stuff.  I have always gone for what I liked over what was high priced, and there is no shame in my game.  I will tell you I got something from the thrift store in a heart beat.

However, jewelry and make up are not so simple, I have chosen to get make up and jewelry from either Amazon or Ebay.  The reason why is because both of this sites have sellers that sell in bulk.

The trick behind getting a deal on Amazon is that there are stores and boutiques that sell jewelry and make up.  Often times they want to make room for the new stock that is coming in.  Therefore they have three options.  They can either throw all the jewelry away and make nothing, put it on the clearance rack and sell it bit by bit, or they can put the mass bulk of it on Amazon and get rid of it in one sweep.

These are the types of deals that you want to go for.  You cannot just go for any deal.  You want to make it a good deal on your part.  So here are some things to look for to make sure you are getting the best deal.

Read the seller reviews.  Often times when you buy in bulk they will not tell you exactly what you are getting, they will only tell you how many pieces.  Some will tell what how many of each piece you will get but not specifically what it looks like (i.e 2 rings, 5 bracelets, etc.) .  But people who have bought from them in the past will take pictures of things they have sent.  Reading the past reviews will allow you to see these pictures and let you determine if you like what you see or not.  This way you know if you want to buy from the seller.

For example, I read a few reviews that said the jewelry was mostly for little girls and they threw it away.  Therefore I knew not to buy  from this seller.

Read the description.  So many people do not get what they want because they do not pay attention to detail in the product description.  Some bulk sales will tell you exactly what you will get such as 5 pairs of earring, 6 bracelets, etc.  Some will say that you will only get one of each item.  This is what you want.

You do not want to have jewelry or make up with 15 of the same exact thing.  If there are one or two on the same thing, then fine you can give the others ones away.  But you do not want to buy a bulk of 50 and get 35 of the same thing.

Also, many sellers will include a picture.  They will say, the items are not exactly what you are getting.  But the pictures will give you an overview of the style of stuff they have so you can determine if you would wear it or not.

 Do the math.  See how much the bulk cost and then divide it by the number of items you get.  This will determine if you are actually getting a deal or not.  The point is to get a deal, you do not want to pay store price for bulk items.  For all of that you can just go to the store.

(All jewelry I have on in each picture featured above where bought on Amazon.  All jewelry was bought in bulk and make up items in bulk or discounted price).

If you are like me a woman on a budget, do not feel you have to look like a homeless hobo.  You Can be pretty on a price.  Check out some of the places I have order my items below.

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