Friday, October 11, 2013

A Sprit of Fear Or a Mountain of Faith.

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By Sophia Reed

When you look at the idea of both faith and fear, they can seem so opposite end of the spectrum but often times go hand and hand.  I know for myself, God has been asking me to trust him more and more.  To some degree I could always see the other side. Because I could always see the other side, I would not be afraid to walk or go forward because I knew what lied ahead.  However, recently God has been pushing the other side farther and farther away that I am to the point that I cannot see the other side at all.  Therefore, I can see how easily it could be to just stay in the same spot and not move forward, because of not knowing what’s ahead.  However, it is through God’s grace and testing through the early times when I could see the other side, that He got me to trust him during these times when I can’t.

With that being said I ask you to figure out where you are.  Do you have a fear of falling or not being able to make it to the other side?  You could chose to stay in the same spot, never growing, or never even attempting to trust that God has something better in store for you.  Or I could step out on faith and trust that God will not leave or forsake you.

I think we all say that we trust God blindly, but you have to really reflect on that that means.  If you say that you trust God for your fiances then why are you going out everyday spending $100 on the lottery?  If you trust God for your future, then why are you consulting psychics or believing in astrology and horoscopes?  If you trust God, then why are you doing everything in your power to make sure that something comes true? Instead of trusting God for it. Is it because you are fearful that what God said won’t come true or do you think that you can get the task done better and faster than God?

I guess the point that I am trying to make here is that I want each person look at whether they are living for faith or living for fear?  Are you doing what God wants you to do so to prosper you?  Or are you trying to rush things for God and in the place of God because you feel that you can do it better and faster?  How can you say that you trust God, when you are trying to take things into your own hands?  Would that be faith or would that be fear?  This is because perhaps you fear that if you yourself do not do it, then it would not get done at all. And you can see how that is not trusting God.

Now let’s move to a different end of fear.  It is my belief and experience that God is calling many people every second of the day, but for some reason many are either to deaf or to fearful to accept that call.  This is something that I had to learn and am still learning.  If God told you to do something, then guess what, it is going to work!  Why would God put in large amounts of work on you and lead you down a long windy path with Him, only to see you fail or to lead you to a dead end road.  That is not God’s way.  Even if it may seem like you are failing, if you are doing what God told you to do, then then rest assure you are not failing, despite what it may seem to you.  You have to both trust and have faith in that.

I have both been there and done that.  Thinking that I was so far behind the race that I would never catch up, when in fact I was so far ahead, I was just starting to overlap people.  So it was not that there were people in front of me at the race and they were beating me, but rather I was going so fast I was starting to run overlap  them…Make sense?

If it doesn't, then I will end with this.  God did not give you a spirit for fear.  Whatever is in your heart, it is meant to be there.  If you pray and follow the direction that God gives you (not moving out on your own) you will succeed.  The problem is that people get fearful and clam up all together.  The point is to asked God for a direction, know the direction that He gives you, and follow that direction at the right time.  There is no need to have fear about it, just trust it, and have faith.