Sunday, October 13, 2013

Let Go Of Broken Relationships

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Often times when we are in bad relationships the first thing we want to scream out is "but I love him." Then when you look at the apects of the relationship there is really nothing pointing to love. He does not treat you good,he lies to you, and most of all he does not love you. So therefore the question remains is why do you love him and most importantly why are you chasing him.

I think what it boils down to is that we don't like to lose.   Because when you end a relationship that mean that they are not going to be with you. They may move on before you do, get married before you do, go be happy before you do. So as a result we hang on to something that is not love and try to mask it as that.

I am here to tell you to wake up. Weather its the fact that you do not want to loose him to another woman or you just don't want to be alone. When you end a relationship and you feel sad,  that is okay. But before you get too sad realize the relationship is over for a reason. It is not love because if it was then the person could not stand to let you go. So being sad over a relationship is fine, having a total break with reality is not okay. if it is over then it over for a reason. Don't go calling it love when in fact it is something else. And don't go beating yourself up about it either. At the end of the day rest assure what is meant to be will be. So don't cry over the relationship that didn't work it just wasn't meant to be that's all. So get over it and walk toward future relationships.