Sunday, October 13, 2013

Be Single, Be Happy

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Why does it seem like the word single seems like a death sentence?  Why do people feel that being in a relationship is the only way to be?  I asked you, instead of looking at being single as something that is non-desirable, why don’t you look at your singleness in a different  way.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen people go into a relationships, knowing that it is not right and knowing that the person is not right, and stay in the relationships all for the sake of not wanting to be alone.   If you are never alone then how on Earth are you going to know what it is that you do want out of a relationship when you get in to one?

If I confuse you when I say this, then how about lets looking at it like this.  If you are always jumping from one person to the next. Never getting a chance to understand what it is like to be alone then how are you going to know what it is that you, yourself like.

The opportunity to be single is an opportunity to get to know yourself a little bit more.  It is a chance to be alone with your own thoughts so that you can say to yourself “this is what I am looking for” versus “this is what I am not.”  You see so many people jump from relationship to relationship that they never stop to think what is going wrong is the relationships that they are in, and they never learn how to fix it. As a result the person keeps making the same relationships mistakes with the same type of person, and then they wonder why there relationships always ends up in the same space (not working).

The reason why is because sometimes we just need to be alone.  We need to be single and we need to have a moment where we can just hear our own voices in what we need out of a relationship without another person in our ear, telling us what is best.

So I say to you, singleness is not a death sentence, so stop viewing it in this way.  It is an opportunity to take time out for yourself and to figure out what we want out of life and a partner.  It is the time in which we need to reflect and position ourselves for the right one.  During your singleness complete a goal or do the things in life that you always wanted to do.  Do not sit around in one spot, waiting for a significant other to complete your life.  Live for you and realize that that your soul purpose in life is not to be someone else’s wife.  Do not let a relationship define you, define yourself.  Do not let a relationship or lack of a relationship get you down and out.  A relationships is really only one minor aspect of your life, so do not the fact that you do not have one keep you from your mission. Do not let chasing after a relationships keep you from your mission. In the right time the right one will come.  While you wait, take this time to learn more about yourself and what you want.  It is only through knowing these things will you truly be able to have a satisfying relationship anyway.   The right one is out there, take rest in that.  But the only way that the right one will come is when are in a good space to receive it.  Do not look for someone else to complete you, complete yourself and the other person will add on to what you already have.