Sunday, November 17, 2013

My top Five Quotes Ch. 4-6 From my Upcoming Book ( unedited version)

Sophia Reed MSHS
Coming Soon 1/2014 Look For it!!!

1. The point I am trying to make is not everyone is good for you or means you well despite what you think or they say.  Actions speak louder than words.  If a person loves you, you should know it and there should be no second guessing.  Do I think it was meant for me to go through these situations?  Yes I do, because of the overall lessons I learned

2. If you are to get married, do you really think your husband is going to allow an ex-boyfriend or male friend that is interested in you hang around his wife?   I think not! So it is best to cut that off now.  Not only that, but having all these different men around you may be blocking the energy of the one that you are really meant for.  It is okay to be alone.  Yes it may be sad or de
pressing, but to carry on and on with people you know do not want you or that you do not want you is dumb, and not to mention a waste of time.

3. There is no sense in trying to convert.  Pray for his deliverance and keep it moving. I personally feel if a man does not believe in God or a higher power for that matter you are setting yourself up for failure.  What would tell them not to cheat, commit adultery; how to love you, whenever we get confused we can turn to God’s word for that.  If he doesn’t have anywhere to look to, or feels he is accountable to anyone, then he can go on doing anything without any sense of right or wrong.

4. The point of this story is to show you that as a single mother it is hard and I did not always do everything right.  However, in my mistakes God decided to bless me anyway.   He did so as long as I was willing to listen to Him. In my opinion, everyone was born to be great.  It is up to you weather you get there or not.

5. The main phrase that I like to remember is that tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  Therefore, live each day like it is your last.  That does not mean to be reckless, doing drugs, and drinking and driving.  Its means that you should strive to put your mark on this world one way or another.  Make your life matter, to somebody in this world.  Put a positive impact on this world.  It would be better in my opinion to have somebody change in a positive way because they knew you and because they meet you, then it is leave this world and people feel sorry for you, because you never did anything significant. For nobody to care if you were around or not, or being remembered for having a negative attitude all the time, or that you were the miserable psycho that everybody hated and everyone talked about behind your back.