Saturday, November 2, 2013

What Message Are You sending

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I was watching a reality show the other day called Find Me My Man.  Most of these women on there are seriously wrong and misguided. For example, one woman was a lawyer, when she went on the first date (which was a mock date with a date coach) she proceeded to tell him all the piercings that she had on her body as well as other sexual innuendoes.  But yet she said that she wanted a gentleman.  How on Earth could she want a gentleman, when she was not even a lady?  I have seen women that do not care about how they look, do not have a job, do not even have their own or steady place to live, that will demand a man that works in business, keeps themselves well groomed, and has their own place to live.  These women are often shocked when they are looked over.  Let’s look at this picture here.  After this man has worked hard to get what they have and be where they are at, why on Earth would they waste that on the type of women I just described.  

When women enter into a relationship we need to begin to bring something to the table.  Let’s switch around the tables for a bit.  If you made 6 figures, travel on a regular basis, and in the cooperate world, are you going to want a high school dropout that has no goals in life,  only knows about boxed wine, and has not traveled outside of their state….let alone the country.  Therefore women, be what you asked for in a mate.  What type of mate do you want?  Let’s talk about the above example and let’s say this is your mate (6 figures, travels, cooperate, whatever).  Then the type of women you need to be is this.  You need to dress and look well, because other women will be after your man if he is all of that (I am just keeping in real) and although men are expected to be faithful, let’s not tempt things by you walking around looking like who did it and what for all the time, men are visual.  That is not going to turn them on and it is not going to turn their eyes toward you. 

You also need to know a little something about a little something.  That means you will be going to Christmas parties, country clubs, and other things that six figure people do.  So you need to know about wine, exotics foods, the proper pronunciation of exotic foods, how to speak properly, proper table etiquette, and how to speak like you actually have intelligence.    

The way I see it is like this.  Is a million dollar man going to walk into a “bring your own bottle” after hours spot and swept you off your feet ….no he is not….unless he is lost. So why on Earth would you even be at this pace in the first place.  Why are you choosing to hang around places where people get shot, do drugs, where the police have to be on the outside of the club to regulate things?  You are not going to find the man you want there, unless you want a thug.  If you want a man to that goes to nice places, you are not going to meet him in the places I just mentioned.  They are going to be in a place that you actually have to dress up to go to, so why are you going to places other than that is confusing to me.  You are setting yourself up for failure and you are absorbing the ignorance around you while you are in those places, dumbing yourself down, instead of building yourself up for the man that is planned for you.    

Also let’s take a look at what you wear.  If your breast, butt, vaginal lips, can be seen by what you are wearing.  Then take it off.  When a man sees this he is going to think you are easy.  It is going to attract the wrong type of attention and your time will be wasted on men that only see you as a sex object.  Why on Earth would a real Christian going man be attracted to that.  As a matter of fact, most real men that are not believers will not be attracted to that.  Some women make the mistake of thinking that showing this gets you attention.  It does, but it gets you the wrong type of attention.  If you dress like a street walker, then how can you expect to catch a man on Wall Street?  You are on two separate sides of town entirely, one is in uptown and the other is in the slums.