Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Peaceful Protest Has The Ability to Change A Nation #UnitedBlackOut #Boycottblackfriday #Blackoutforchange

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Photo: We have the power to positively change our nation. @UnitedBlackout on #BlackoutBlackFriday RT this!As an African American, a mother of a son, and someone who has works within the community;  I am deeply disturbed by what has gone on in our justice system in regards to unarmed blacks getting killed.  I am glad that more light is being brought to the situation, however the idea of unarmed black people getting killed and their killers getting away with it is nothing new (Check out the true story and movie Fruitvale Station).

I cannot change the verdict.  We can only change our awareness and the way in which we go about what we see is going on within the nation in which we live.  It  is sad  to me that blacks have taken to their own communities to tear down and loot things.  This type of behavior is only feeding into the stereotype that black people simply do not know how to act, and that they need excessive force in order to be contained.

A movie came on earlier in which I was reminded of the power of black people who were able to peacefully protest and know how to invoke change the right way. Perhaps people loot because they have not been taught or do not know how to express their outrage.  Not understanding that their behavior is only hurting the cause and not helping it.  I watched the movie Rosa Parks and was reminded of one great woman.  A woman that was able to bring down a segregated bus system by a courageous act.

When Rosa Parks was arrested, blacks realized that they held a lot more power than they thought.  They realized that they were the main people who rode the bus and that if they simply refused to ride the bus, in peaceful protest, this could have a major impact in which they could not have otherwise.  And so, to show their dislike for an segregated bus system, they protested.  In protest, blacks decided not to take the bus.  They decided not to do it for 381 days.  This act of peaceful protest nearly caused the bus system to go out of business.  There were some blacks that chose to walk for almost 20 miles to get where they needed to go. They did what they had to do, to get the results that they wanted to get.  And guess what, it worked.  These blacks were able to get the supreme court to integrate the bus system.  To change something that seemed unchangeable, with just one act.

Imagine that, they did not have the influence of social media or the internet and they were still able to invoke change.  There is a request for people to join in peaceful protest to boycott black Friday.   If these blacks could walk 20 miles to get to work, I am sure you can not shop for just one day.  Back then, blacks found a reason to stick together, I wonder if we can still hold the same power to stick together now.

Who knows if a change will occur? Who knows if anything would happen?  But at least, you can be in your corner of the world, wherever you are, no matter what color you are, you can stand for something that you believe in.  It has been proven that the African American community are one of the most major spenders when it comes to the economy.

Can you go without your Jordan's? 

Can you live without the latest name brand outfit that is going to be 20% off on Friday? 

Can you refrain from shopping for one day, to show our nation that shooting down unarmed black people is not right?  

To bring awareness to a cause that has been going on for years?  

Can we still prove that as blacks we are citizens of this country and we will not be discounted?  

There is a request for all who want to protest for human rights to not shop on Black Friday.  Be the change you want to see in the world.

 #UnitedBlackOut #Boycottblackfriday #Blackoutforchange