Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dresses And Skirts In The Winter

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So I live in Virginia and it can get cold.  The trouble is I hate winter clothes, long sleeves, and things that are heavy to wear.  In my state it can get cold, BUT it can fluctuate between 30 degree and 55 degrees in just a matter a few days.  In any case, my favorite things to wear are dresses and skirts.  They are easy to wear and when I am feeling fat, they always fit.

One fashion tip that is a go too, especially for us single mothers that may be on a budget is that you should always seek to buy and wear things that can be worn through multiple seasons.  The trick is to know how to transform each piece of clothing so that it can be worn in both winter, summer, fall, and spring.  So today I will show you how I do just that.

The first rule for wearing skirts in the winter time is to get stalkings.  You can wear a skirt in the winter but if you have your bare legs hanging out then you are going to look stupid.  I get fashion, but do not risk getting hypothermia for the sake of wanting to wear a skirt in winter.  You can use tights depending on the dress, but I think fishnets are less boring and add a better feel to what you are wearing.

In addition, depending on how cold it is, you still need to cover your legs even if you are wearing stalkings, which is why I feel like knee high boot combined with stalking give you enough coverage not to be cold and it looks like you are winter ready.

With each skirt that I wear I always will put on a jacket, scarf, hate, beanie, or layers shirts so that I do not get cold and once again to dress appropriately for the winter weather.

   For this brown look I was feeling like I did want to get dressed.  This skirt is actually a tube top maxi dress but since I could not go outside like this, I added a hate (that i got from the beauty supply store for less than $7) and a light jacket.

And of course as always, 99% of my clothing came from the thrift store.  Mommy on a budget what can I say.