Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is God real?

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Is God real?  I know that this is the thought that goes through so many people’s mind.  As a person that is a Christian, I am ashamed to admit that this is something that goes through my mind.  Before you get all up in arms, I want to explain.

There are so many dreams and aspiration that I have for myself.  I know for fact that they can never be achieved if I do not have God on my side.  So I hope, dream, and pray tirelessly and more often time than not I do not see enough progress or I do not see any evidence that God is even listening.

As time goes on, times get harder, and prayers go unanswered.  There is a little voice in my head going off asking me why I believe in God, is God even real, and if God is real then why does he not answer my prayers?  Why does he allow more things to be on me than I can bear?

I have come to know that these voices are the devil.  Read my blog here on the devil. The devil is a cunning creature that know how to play off of what we fear and our insecurities.

But for so many of us who have been through hardships, pain, unanswered prayers, unfair treatment, death of a loved on too soon, loneliness, depression, and all the rest of it. We certainly feel that God is not real.  And that if by chance He is real, then He is actively choosing to watch us suffer and yet He does nothing about it.

If you are like me then you know all the Biblical scriptures and situations to explain the unfairness of the world.  You know that

“God’s ways is not our ways.” Isaiah 55:8

“God corrects a child whom he delights.” Proverbs 3:12

Job had suffering and God granted him will double for his trouble.

Joseph was through in prison and lied on and God rewarded him in the end.

These things are supposed to make us feel better in our times of hardship.  But what happens when they don’t?  What happens when you are tired of hearing scripture and and hearing about God’s goodness is never enough.  Because you simply do not feel that it applies to you.

Well, weather you want to believe it or not God is real.  I have seen God work too much in my life to sit and believe that He does not exists.  I think sometimes it is so easy to get caught up in the things that God is not doing for you, that sometimes we forget the things that He has done.  This makes us doubt God’s love for us and even doubt that He is even looking out for us.

It is not the bad things that are happening to us that hurts us the most, but rather that we feel that God has somehow turned his back on us in the midst of all the bad things.  So for us, it is better to believe that God is not real.

I feel there are clear indications that signify to us that God is certainly real.  Even if you cannot see Him work in your own life you can certainly see Him work in the world around you.  How else can there be a world, sun, moon, water, stars, gravity and all the rest of if that was so carefully crafted that it can somehow support the life of man kind.  I cannot even think of how many coincidences it would take for all of that to happen all at once.  Or the fact that plants give out the very same thing that us humans breath in (see my blog here on God is all around us).

For those believing in evolution, this is no where near possible.  No one has yet to discover what these so called half monkey half humans even look like.  We can find dinosaur bones millions of years old, but someone has yet to find a fossil of a human-monkey.

For those of you who do not believe in God, those who use to believe in God, or those who are questioning if God exists.  I think that one can find the existence of God in somewhere in you life, even if it takes a really hard look to find Him.

What I would hate, is for nonbelievers to die and get to the afterlife when it is too late and realize that they have make a mistake with overlooking the existence of the one that makes the world go round just so you can live in it.

People often wonder why God doesn’t just show up?  Why doesn’t He just prove Himself?

Well I do not know the reason for that except for that God doesn't have to prove himself to us.  He is God.  He really does not have to do anything.  I know that answer may not be satisfactory but it is a reality.

I am convinced however, if were makes steps to move closer to God, then he will makes steps to prove his existence to us.