Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Devil Is Alive And Well

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I was watching Joyce Meyer the other day and she said something very interesting.  She said that many people think that her teaching are fanatical because she speaks on the devil and the evils of this world.  She further states that many Christians have turned away from the ideal of evil spirits and somehow feel that it is folklore.

As Christians we believe in God.  If we believe in God then we know that God does not lie (Numbers 23:19).  And if God does not lie and His words are in the Bible, then we must accept the Bible as being true.  And if the Bible is true, then we know that there is a devil and there are evil spirits that roam the Earth wrecking havoc in people’s live.

The Bible says

“For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Ephesians 6:12

You see we cannot choose what parts of the Bible we want to believe and which ones we want to throw away.  Either we believe it or we don’t.  I think the real issue here is that people and some Christians do not understand how the devil operates.  Some people feel that evil spirits consists of having your head spin around and green stuff pouring from your face.  The works of the devil has become such normalcy in our world that we choose to accept it as being the way the world is, when it fact it is not.

The reason why I say the devil is alive and well, is because he has somehow tricked man kind and Christians into believing that he does not exist.  And when bad things happen, we blame each other instead of seeing the evil for what it really is, and that is the devil.  We are activity choosing to give the devil more power by ignoring his works and counting them as being dead.

  • Jealousy is the work of the devil.  
  • Hating people for no reason is the work of the devil. 
  • People that are excessively violent toward others is the devil. 
  • People who are promiscuous is the devil. 

These are just to name a few.  If you really examine your day and your mind, have you every noticed negative emotions coming over you for no reason?  Have you ever just hated someone for no real reason other than you hate them?  Have you ever noticed someone who was just rude and nasty to any and everyone that they encountered? That is the devil.

The Bible states

“More than anything you guard, protect your mind, for life flows from it.” Proverbs 4:23

If you do not want to admit to it, I will go first.  There were times that I used to be jealous of people that were married and I was not.  It started off with jealousy and lead to being angry toward God.  Angry that I was not married yet, and angry that He was not giving me what other people had.  Do you see how the devil is?  How he can play off some insecurity and make it bigger and bigger until it starts to turn into something else.  This type of emotion almost ruined my relationship with God.

I will go even further.  This is something that I talked about in my book.  I used to struggle with sexual thoughts.  All the time.  All day every day. For years.  Until something dawned on me.  This was not normal.  This was not God.  This type of thinking was causing me to lust after men.  But one day I recognized it for what it was, the devil.

I had to purge myself from that thinking.  So much so that sometimes I would feel physically ill when I did it.  But guess what, the more I worked on it, it went away.  Just like that.  And I do not struggle with that anymore.  And with it, went my desire to chase after men gone.

The devil wants to ruin you.  He wants to mask himself as your thoughts so that you can try to convince yourself that your behavior is normal.  And it is not.  In those old cartoons you will often see an angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other.  Each one of them trying to convince a person to do something.  It is like that in real life.  Each day, there is something coming against your mind, trying to trap you into wrongful thinking.  If you are not aware of it, you will allow it to fester and it will grow stronger and stronger and it turns into something else.  Turns you into someone else.

A book that I recommend is the ScrewTape Letters.  It gives you a very real way in of how the devil and all of his demonic followers come against us every day.  It follows the life of a demon and how advice is given to him to lead his human astray.

Some of the examples is a person getting offended too easily, causing them to be angry with everyone.  Being overly religious to the point that the person is thinking that are being Christian, when in fact they are doing the things that God tells us not to do.

I am convinced that this was the case with the Klu Klux Klan.  Who burned crosses on the lawns of people they hated.  They killed people.  But yet many of them would be sitting in church feeling that this way was God’s will.  Do you see that?  How having hatred toward another person causes the devil to play off of it until it is turned into something evil.  And it is so settle to the person, that they just accept it as the way things should be.

The devil does try to come against our lives.  But we all have the choice to fight against it.  A big way we fight against it is becoming aware of it.  If you stay in ignorance, and think there are no devils or demons out there, then you become a prime target.  That is what the devil wants you to think.

Why is it, when things go wrong in this world, we want to blame God?  Why can we not blame the true entity.  The devil.  He took dominion over this Earth with the fall of Adam and Eve.  And it was only through the redemption of Jesus that we have a chance to be saved. We live with the devil daily and the Earth is his play ground.

Some of these crimes that people do, you can clearly see that they must be possessed.  Some of them are so horrific, that something must have been coming against their mind convincing them to do something crazy.  They allowed it to lay there, dormant in them, until they give in to it.

I am urging all Christians to believe in the devil.  You do not have to worship him, but you must believe in him so you know how to protect yourself against him.. Call me as crazy as Joyce but there have been times that I have heard the devil speak directly to me.  He did not say that he was the devil of course.  But it he tried to convince me to do something that I was not suppose to do.  And had I not been aware and been protecting my thoughts I would have done it.

How many times, have people been in a financial hardship and heard a voice that tells them to have sex with someone for money?  Telling them that it was just this one time and they need the money.  This is a trap.

How many times, has a voice told you to just steal the money that was in your face or from that company you work for?  This is the devil.

How many times have you been tempted to do something that you know under no normal circumstances that you would do?  That is the devil.

And friends, since you see the devil for who he is, as Christians we should not be fearful.  Because our father trumps him and we have the power.  All we have to say is

“ Get behind me Satan” Matthew 16:23

The devil tried to tempt Jesus many times.  When he was fasting for 40 days, do you really think the devil just showed up to talk to him in person.  No, it was in his mind.  The devil spoke to him through his thoughts and that is the real trickery.  Can you imagine starving and following the will of God and a voice in your head telling you over and over again.  “Just eat.”

Or the fact that Jesus was poor and when he closed his eyes a vision coming in telling him that as the son of God he could have all the riches in the world if he just gives in.  That was the devil.

How many times does the devil do it to you?  Tries to get you to bend your moral character, making you think that you could have riches if you just do something that you know is wrong.

And this I am convinced is what Jesus was trying to show us in the Bible.  Some man with horn, did not show up tempting Jesus.  No, he spoke to him in his head.  Trying to confuse him.  And had Jesus not known the will of the father, he would have fell for it.

I want you to read my post (Fake Christians Exposed).  This is a prime example of how people can call themselves Christians but still display ungodly behavior.  It is simply the devil convincing them that what they are doing is okay.  And it is not okay.

The devil is no fool.  He has been around since the beginning of time.  He knows the ways of man.  He knows our minds and how to make us feed into his ways.  He has manipulated humanity and this world since the creation of Adam and Eve.  And this is why we have become used to his ways and chose to ignore them.  This folks, is the trickery.

“Resist the Devil and He will Flee” James 4:7