Sunday, December 14, 2014

Complaining Will Get You No Where.

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Have you ever been in a position where you complained and complained about something, you prayed for a resolution and then when you got the resolution you complained again.  I am sure I am the only person that has been in this situation.  God has been reminding me of this.

There are times when I am not happy or I do not like something, and I have prayed for something to change or pray for something else.  Then when God answers my prayers, I am complaining about the same thing over and over again.  Telling God what I do not like about the situation then when He changes it I tell God what I do not like about that situation.  God spoke to me this week as I complained.

He told  me “Sophia this is what you wanted, why are you always complaining about something.  You pray, I answer. And just because I do not answer the prayers the way that you would like, you complain again.  Get a grip girl.”

One would think that this answer from God would cause me to be humble. But nope.  Not me.  I will argue God down tooth and nail and try to convince Him that I am right He is wrong and HE is not answering MY prayer the way that I wanted Him to.  I told God, yes He answered my prayer in a mediocre way, but not the way I wanted Him to.  And I promptly let Him know that I had a problem with that.

Yes I am pretty bold when it comes to God.  I am surprised He does not strike me down with lightning.  But at the end of the day I always say that God does not punish us for how we feel.  Because He knows how we feel.  For me to hide how I am feeling about a certain situation will only be fooling myself.  Not God.  So it is best to let it all out so He can just deal with you on it.

What God showed me is that sometimes I suffer from the only child selfish people syndrome.  I tend the think my problems should take precedence over every one else’s problems in the world. And that whatever I am doing and complaining about should be God’s priority first and if it isn’t I get mad.

God told me, the life that I have, there are millions of people in the world that would love to have it.  There are literally people starving to death in some countries, some are homeless, and there are people who are way worse than I am. Instead of being understanding of the blessings that I have, all I can do is complain about what I do not have.  I know God is wondering, what in the world is my problem?

I think we have to be careful about becoming too close to God in the sense that we think that God should move and shake when we say move and shake.  Yes God loves us, and yes God wants to answer our prayers.  But we cannot determine how and when He answers them.  And when He does answer them we cannot complain about how He did it.

I am brought to the account when the Israelites were taken out of Egypt.  For years they prayed and prayed to be delivered.  Then along came Moses, taking them into the wilderness for 40 whole years.  They did not have to spend that much time in the wilderness, it was their complaining that kept them there.  But during the time in the wilderness they complained about being in the desert, stating it was better to be in Egypt.  Forgetting, what it was like for them there.  They were slaves.  They complained about food.  God sent them manna to eat.  They complained about that.  God then sent them quail to eat.  They complained about that too.  It was like God answered their prayers and no matter what God did, they just could not be satisfied.  It was always something to complain about.

Another account on when Jews cried out for savior.  And then Jesus came along.  But they did not accept him.  They did not want their savior to be poor, running around taking about peace , and healing people.  They wanted a savior that was going to annihilate their enemy and give them the riches of the world.  They did not see that God had answered their prayer and therefore did not see Jesus for who he really was.  And so the Jews had him killed.  The very people who he came as an answer for would not accept him because their answered prayer did not look like what they wanted it to look like.  Imagine that.

Is this you?  Because Lord knows it is me. I want more, I want so much.  I pray for God to give it to me give it to me, give it to me.  All day every day.  I complain that my life does not look like the way that I want to look like and so I have an issue with God.

I am going to tell you what God told me when you get like this.  Get over yourself.  You and your life is not the center of the universe.  God is going to do what  He wants to do, and if you are dedicated to God and His purpose then let His will be done in your life.  Trust His direction, His plan for your life, and lean not on your understanding.

Failure to do so will cause you to miss the mark.  The Israelites that left Egypt and did not see the promised land only their decadents did, due to their complaining.  The Jews crucified their own savior for their inability to see that God has answered their prayers.  Do not bet that person.  Trust God and trust that He is answering your prayers.  Even if it is not the way that you want them to be answered.