Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My Dream Wedding

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I was recently contacted by a website called  They asked me to come up with a dream wedding using the fabulous fashions that they have on their site.  Of course I agreed because as a single woman I, like other single women, I am sure have fantasized about our dream wedding and what we want.

I am a firm believer in speaking things into existence.  And when I do get married, it is my hope that I am able to have the wedding of my dreams.  So here is what my wedding would look like.


My dream destination would be in Italy.  Although I have traveled to multiple countries in Europe, I have never had the chance to go to Italy.  It has always been a dream to go there, and I think to get married there would be perfect.  Just to give you an idea of the scenes that Italy has to offer you can look at the following picture.

The wonderful thing about Europe is the iconic architecture, the beautiful structures, statues, and I would want myself as a bride to fit in with the uniqueness of what Italy has to offer.


The dress that I chose was from Oscar De la renta.  I love this gown because of the high low hem.  I love the summer so I imagine that this is the season I would want to get married.  Italy can get kinda hot so I think this high low hem is a good idea to wear in the summer whether.   I love this dress because it is dressy but still unique.  I think it would fit the Italian theme perfectly, especially with the lace sleeves.  Since I do have tattoos on my body that I love.  But, I do not want them showing at my wedding.  So I feel the neckline would do well as covering the tattoo I have on my shoulder and back.  This dress is sophisticated, chic, and fits into the European background of Italy.  And these Jimmy Choo shoes, oh yes.  The higher the better.


Of course I want my brides maid to look good.  I do not worry about them upstaging me.  So I am choosing this silver (almost white) bride maids gown.  This may be taboo but so what.  I think it has a feel and would make my ladies look like live versions of Europeans statues.

Reception Dress 

My reception dress would be the Dolly Couture dress.  I love this dress because although it is short it is will dressy and you can still tell I am the bride while I am in it.  I love to dance so I would not want something that is too formal or constricting that I would trip all over while I am wearing it.  So I feel this dress gives a fine balance so that I can still have fun, but still look like a bride. And even though I want to dance, I still cannot give up the heels.  I am only 5”2.  So these Paradox heels are a must.

Civil Ceremony. 

In some European countries you have to have a civil ceremony on top of having a wedding.  Even though it would be a courthouse that would not give me an excuse to give up my role as a bride.  I still want to look like a bride but not be so dressed up that it would be too much.  So I chose this Watter pant suit.  It is still sophisticated enough to look like your are a bride but laid back enough for a civil ceremony.

When looking at the website I could get lost in all the things that they have to offer.  I am not a bride yet but I love to day dream and visualize.  For those are brides, I suggest you get over there and get some ideas.  For us single people, there is nothing wrong is visualizing what you want and seeing yourself as that perfect bride one day.