Thursday, January 29, 2015

Too Busy For God.

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“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33 

What are you believing God for?

I think sometimes when we read this Bible verse we read it without a full understanding .  I used to spend time with God for the most part.  But all of a sudden life hits and I did not have time to spend as much time with God.  All of a sudden my job took precedence and the time that I spent with God was an after thought.

Unfortunately I was missing an important concept.  I wanted God to act on my behalf on things that I was believing Him for, but yet I was not putting Him first.  We have a purpose in this world.  God may have revealed your purpose to you and He may not have.  The one thing that I know is that if you are not putting God first then God is never going to give you what you want and He is never going to show you what He wants you to do.

I will even take this a step further.  God will even take the things out of your life that are taking you away from Him.  If by chance you are in a relationship that you know for a fact that you put before God, God is going to take it away.  If you are in a job that you know for fact that takes you away from God and your purpose then God is going to take it away.  If you have material things that you worship more than God, then God is going to take it away.
The reason being is because God wants you to depend on him and seek Him first and not the material things of the world as a way to validate you.

The Bible verse states

“For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” 1 Timothy 6:10

God is not against money.  He is not against people being rich.  What He is against is the love of money and when people make money their God. I know I have experienced this. At one time I loved money and hated my job.  But I stayed there for the simple fact that I loved the money.  I knew it was not where God wanted me to be, and I was willing to continue at the job solely for the money. This was my mistake.  With the changes in health care and the community mental health.  The money is no where near as much as it used to be.  I cannot for the life of me make as much as I used to make.

And this was my fault.  I was depending on the money instead of depending on God.  I felt like the money made me who I was and would take me the places I wanted to go and not God.  The problem with that is the things of this world waiver and when you loose the things of the world that you hold dear, then you are left feeling depressed.

There was a time I even filled my time with dating men.  Dating a lot of men and this is what made me happy, and filled my loneliness void.  But when the relationships ended my mood was down yet again.

I would cry out to God asking “Why me?”

I am sure this was a pathetic sight in God’s eyes for sure.  And then I had the nerve to ask God why He was ignoring me.  How selfish was I?  Looking for fulfillment in worldly things and then when it did not work out, I wanted God to come in and fix it.

My eyes were fixed on the wrong thing.  God had to take things from me so that I could see the bigger picture.

I was listening to Joyce Meyer today and she said something so profound that made me think.

“ If you knew that God would never give you what you wanted, would you still love Him”?

To this question I did not know what to say.  There have been so many times that I have been mad at God for not giving me what I wanted, arguing with Him like some selfish brat.  But I always believed that God would give me what I wanted when I got in the right place.

I always felt that someday I would get married.  I always felt that through hard work I will be able to have my dream career (which is to be a highly successful blogger, public speaker, and have my own online magazine).  My career dreams go way beyond that, I would be the next Oprah if I had my way.

But to imagine worshiping and loving God and never ever being able to get a fraction of what I wanted out of life, almost made me physically ill.  And this is bad because we should not worship God so that He could give us the life that we imagine in our heads.

We worship God because He is our creator and He loves us.  And it is until we can get it through our heads that when we unconditionally love God no matter if He gives us what we want or not; is when He truly give us what we wants.

The way I have come to understand it is that as a mother I have a son.  I want my son to love me because I am his mother.  Not because I am going to get him the latest electronic games and bend over backward to give him every toy in a nickelodeon commercial.  I want to give my son the things he desires, but I do not want to give my son these things so that he will love me.  The way I see it is that I take care of my son and bend over backward for him, so if I do not want to give him all the latest trendiest toys then he should still be grateful. This is not to say that I do not give him this things, it is just to say that as his mother I am not obligated to give him everything he wants.  And to do so would turn him into a spoiled brat, never feeling like he had to work for anything.

What I do prefer is to have a personal relationship with my son.  One in which we talk, play, laugh, and one in which I am able to build him into a man. Making him into a good God fearing man is my priority first and foremost.

I think this is how God sees us.  He will give us the things that we want, but it is not His priority.  You cannot take these things into heaven.  You are not going to be married in heaven.  All these things that we desire are Earthly desires and God wants to make us a person who will get to heaven first before He even thinks about giving us all the rest of it.

The secret to getting the life that you want, is putting God first and becoming the type of person that God wants you to be.