Monday, April 13, 2015

Letting Go Of The One Who Got Away

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Image result for the one who got awaySo I always talk about the bad relationships experiences that I have had.  However there were many good ones.  There were ones that I regret or wish that I had taken more seriously.  There were ones who really like me and I did not like them.  And now most of them, if not all, are married and and are living a wonderful lives with their wives or serious girlfriends.

It is so easy to get caught up in the could of would of should of.  But through these relationships are valuable lessons.  The first lesson is that I was not ready for those type of men.  While I can always site what the man has done wrong to me, there were times where I went about the relationships wrong way and was not ready for a real relationship.  Or better yet there was time where I done the man wrong and I was the one who ruined things.

Image result for the one who got awayThis is why it is so important that we always work on ourselves so that when the right one does come along we do not go about ruining the relationship.  For myself I think this is a lesson I had to learn.  Many of you may think about the one that got away, but there is a reason that they got away.  A reason that both you and them must understand.  And that is why it is important to look inside ourselves to realize what is was about us that caused them to get away and when we realize this, then we are sure not to repeat the same mistakes once the next “one” comes along.

This brings me to my second lesson, stop thinking about the one that got away.  They are gone and if they have moved on then there is a large possibility that they are not coming back.  And therefore to sit and reminiscence about what is not and what is never going to be is utterly pointless and hindering you from moving on.

I am sure that we have have regrets in relationships. I am sure that there are some men out there who regret letting me get away just like there are people out there who I regret letting get away.  But the best remedy for that is just to build a bridge and get over it.  If you are not with that wonderful person there is a reason.  If it was meant to be, then it would be.  And so therefore we cannot live in past relationships, we cannot compare our new relationships to the one that we let get away.

Image result for the one who got awayThere are a reason for both bad and good relationships that have ended, and the purpose is to learn from them both.  So just to be clear, stop social media stalking that man or woman that has now moved on. Stop wishing that you were with them.  Stop wondering what went wrong and how you can get it back.  Let go and let God.  Move on to your future.  Realize that you messed up, they messed up, or perhaps a combination of both, whatever the reason is; it does not matter.  There is someone else that is better out there for you, better than the one that you left behind.  Your only job is to be sure that you do not bring that past baggage that you had into the new relationship into the old relationship.  Got it.  I hope so.  Until next time folks.