Monday, October 6, 2014

The Power Of The Thrift

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I really wish I could do better capturing my outfits on my camera.  But unfortunately the bathroom has the best lighting not my room which has the  full length mirror.  In any case I get so many compliments when and most people are shocked to know that I get many of my outfits from the thrift store.

Take the picture on the above.  I got the shirt and the pants from the thrift store.  The pants are actually capris.  I think the good thing about me is I am not afraid to try color.  The picture doesn't show it but I actually have on red heels with this outfit.  And I am dark skinned. I tell anyone if I can put on color then they can too.

The crazy thing is that I often go on Pin-interest to look at outfits ideas.  When I go to the thrift store I always keep my ideas in mind and try get the same types of clothing styles.  That was the idea when I got these pants as well as how I paired it with the red shirt.

As you can tell I have a tendency to over coordinate, the jewelry that I have on I got on a jewelry lot through Amazon.  I like buying the lots because you get different types of pattern jewelry for an affordable price.  That is how I cam across the necklace.  In lots you do not always know the exact pieces you are going to get.  But I like it this way because it challenges you to try new styles depending on the type of jewelry you get.  I also like the element of surprise by finding out what you get as you open the box from the mail.  I am a single mother so the small things in life excite me. #TRUESTORY

The photo on below is me last Friday before work.  I wanted to choose something casual because my son had family day at his school after work.  I wore flats this day and felt so naked and short without my heels.  It was terrible.

But I still felt like I look presentable for work even through I was dressed casual.  I felt like this outfit fit to go to work and to my son’s school after. Both the shirt and pants were from the thrift.  The pants are brand from New York and Company.

This shirt is just an example of how you can never judge clothes on a hanger.  When you go shopping you need to know what patterns looks good on you, what type of fashion you like, and how it would look on you? When I got this shirt, I knew I liked the pattern but thought it would do better as a casual shirt, but I like it for work as well. Especially when I do not want to look too dressed up.

As I get older I notice my style has changed.  A lot of it may have to do with being a mother.  I still want to look good but have put the breaks on letting it all hang out. I prefer to cover up and dress up more.

In both pictures I have on a scarf.  That is really my signature thing.  I get my scarfs from beauty supply stores and the thrift and most of them are under $4.  I like having different colors because you can pair them with any outfit and it makes my average hairstyle look intentional and like you put more effort into it than you really did.