Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Do Something to Be Proud of. Be Proud Of Yourself. (#TheSW30) Day 12

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Today's blogging challenge is to write about my biggest accomplishment.  There are so many that I thought to mention.

As God would have it (not luck) I had a very motivational personality from the start.  Despite my constant dating and partying in college, I manage to graduate undergrad in three years.  Up until my I had my son I would have said that this was me biggest accomplishment.

But then I had my son, on my own, and it changed my life. Once I had my son it is like something clicked in my brain that told me that I needed to be a better person.  I know it sounds cliche but it is true.  I first switched jobs which lead to me path to of counseling.  I decided to go back to school FULL TIME and obtained a Master’s.  I might say that this was my biggest accomplishment.

But then I remember that moment I bought my first home that was built from scratch, when I wrote my blog, or I think about writing my book. Some would say that this is my biggest accomplishment.

As I was talking to a friend the other day she told me that she was almost done with her Bachelors degree.  She started this degree well before I started my Master’s program.  I was equally excited to report to her that I was the same distance way that she was from finishing her bachelors that I was from getting my PhD.  Fun fact I learned from a professor is only 4% of the population has a PhD.  This alone would lead me to think that this was my biggest accomplishment.


Then I think of myself as a person.  This may sound very vein but I like myself.  Like alot.  But what I define as myself is a bottle of accomplishments and life experiences that made me into the person I am today.  This in conjunction with advice from the good Lord has really shaped me into a person that I love to be around.  Where I am with God, I would have never thought I would be.  I am closer to God than some older people who say there are Christian are closer to God.  This is not to brag, but to highlight another accomplishment that I am proud of.

There are so many things that I worked hard for and there are still more things that I want out of life.  I think to pull one accomplishment out of my life would be to down play the others, and so I will put them all together and make them into an accomplishment of their own.

My biggest accomplishment is being me.  It is being and becoming the person that I feel God created me to be.  During the course of my life I always had a choice to make bad decisions, sometimes I did.  But luckily for me that I made all of the right decisions where it really mattered, and because I did, I feel like I am a pretty awesome and unique person.  And I am proud about that.

There would be time where I would pick myself apart listing all the things that I wasn’t  and made a list of things I needed to be who I wanted to be.  But all of a sudden, it did not matter, I did not want to be conformed into what the world wanted me to be, but what God wanted me to be and with that came satisfaction.

I think so many people young and old are lost in the sauce of life.  They have not found themselves, do not like themselves, and because of it they punish themselves.  They settle for relationships, friendships, and the bare minimum out of life because they feel they do not deserve better.

This is why you can understand why my accomplishment is being me, because so many people do not get to that level.  They are too concerned with what other people think or are too afraid of success.  It takes alot to get past those two things, but once you do it makes you unstoppable.

It gives you the bravery to go after whatever you want out of life, and even if you fail at one thing, you keep going.  You keep going because you know yourself, and you are confident in what you were created to do.  Therefore, being you, and being comfortable with it is an accomplishment on its own.

Without this accomplishment, you may be doomed into a life in which you run around and stumble (click my here for me blog on stumbling through life) around without doing anything that ever matters, to anyone.

I feel, if we had to chose something to be proud of, be proud of yourself.  For the person you are and the person that God has made you.