Sunday, October 26, 2014

Envision Your Future. (#TheSW30) Day 16

For some reason or another God made me one of those super ambitious people.  I think I have way too many dreams for my own good and who knows if I would ever achieve all of them.  What I do know is that I will be running full speed until I can’t go anymore to get where I want to be.

Today’s blogging challenge poses the question if I were to open a time capsule in 20 years where would I be?  Seeing as how I am 30 years old now in 20 years I would be 50.  That is actually kind of scary to think about.

First I would hope that I would still look decent and be in my right mind.  It may sound vein, but I mine as well be honest.

Seeing as how I am in the last stages of my PhD and obtaining licensure as a therapist, I imagine that my official title would Dr. Sophia (Husband’s last name) LMFT (licensed marriage and family therapist).

I of course have so many opinions on relationships, women, parenting, Christianity, and I would have hope to accomplish my life long dream of sharing my wisdom to the masses.  I would hope to have an award winning blog in which I travel all around the world, talking about the things that I love.  And of course since I will be married, he too will share my passion.  We would go about the world talking about our marriage and how we have successfully navigated though all the material problems teaching others do to do so as well.  I want to be the best selling author of multiple books and have my own talk show that talks about the importance of maintaining positive marriage and families.

( Sound picture perfect doesn't it). 

Now as for my family.  I would like to have a big family, about four or five children.  Since I already have a son, my son would be 26 by then.  It would be my hope that he is successful in whatever he is doing and that does not become one of these men that try to dog out women, but a true gentlemen that would make any woman happy.  I hope that he has a wonderful career and is not wondering around aimlessly through life.

As for my other children, I hope all of these would be doing something productive as well.  This could be college, ministry, or whatever.  As long as they are not burdens on me or society.  I also hope that all of them will maintain their Christianity and grow up to be true men and women of God.

Now let’s get down to my husband.  I want him to be attractive, still have a nice body, a career, and still be in love with me the same as the first day that he married me.  I want a huge home with a lot of land, a lake, and have family get together night once a week.

Are you laughing yet? 

I know you are probably thinking that I am living in lala land.  But so what.  Who says that I cannot have any and everything that I want to achieve, and even if I do not get it at least I can try right?

I personally feel if you have no direct vision for the future or where you want to go, then you will be pretty much working toward nothing nor will you be going anywhere in particular.  So what if things do not turn out exactly like the way I just mentioned, at least I have a general idea of where I want to go and what I want to do.

With this vision I have an idea of the type of man that I want to marry.  I want someone in which I feel we can achieve goals and fulfill our life purpose together.  If I did not have a vision for my future relationship then I am likely to just fall for any type of man.  One that does not want the same things that I want, and then I would be frustrated (click here for my blog on the importance of having an equally yoked partner).

I also think that it is important to have a vision for my children.  If I didn't then how  on Earth would  I know how to train them up.  With my son now, I put the same values in him that I want him to keep as a grown man.

I was speaking to a male friend the other day who has a 19 year son.  Sad to say he has not been involved in his child’s life or took an active role in guiding and directing his son.  In fact, no one in his family did.

Because of this the boy has had legal trouble and is wondering around life aimless.  My friend response was that his son was an adult and he could do what he wanted.  In a way this is true, but as parents it is our job to teach them to desire the right things out of life and to go after them.  If children are born into this world and we leave it up to them to raise themselves, then no telling where they would be.  That is probably why we have all these half disrespectful children and hoodlums running around today.  Because parents do no want to guide their children and give them the freedom to “find themselves,” which is why we have little misfits running around.

That was along tangent, but I wanted to explain my picture perfect time capsule in 20 years.  I feel that one of the wonderful things that God has given us, is imagination.  We have the ability to see and dream things.  We have the ability to put ourselves in those visions and see where we want ourselves to go.

I feel that if you can dream it then you can achieve it, but first you have to have a dream that you get a chance to work toward achieving.  Like the famous South Pacific quote from the song Happy Talk Says:

“ You gotta have a dream, if you don't have a dream, How you gonna have a dream come true?”

Such a children song with a message that we all can learn from.  Have a dream.  Dream big.  Who knows if it will come true exactly the way you like, but at least if anything you will have something that you are working toward, if by chance everything does not work out as planned, at least you know that you are going in right direction.

But if you are standing in one spot and do not know which direction you want to go, then you are not really going anywhere in particular.  Letting life pass you by.

So while my 20 years time capsule may sound cliche, at least I know what I want and I am putting in the work to get there.  I encourage everyone to give themselves a vision.  Get detailed with it, think about it, and think about how you want it to go about it.  And then worked toward it.

There are so many times that I have had to change and re-evaluate my vision.  There was a time that my vision did not look like it did or I did not have a vision.  But as I get to know myself and what I want, I change my vision and it gets clearer.  I am also able to work with God on my vision and He is able to direct my steps and tell me where He wants me to do.

Dare to dream, and dare to dream big.  Do not let anyone let anyone tell you, your dreams are too out there or too big.  They were given to you for a reason, try to reach them or exhaust yourself trying.